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SEVENTEEN Prepares To Face The Sun With Their New Album

SEVENTEEN Prepares To Face The Sun With Their New Album

Almost exactly one month from now, CARATs will have a brand new full-length SEVENTEEN album in their hands and on their playlists. That’s right! SEVENTEEN finally announced that their next album, Face the Sun, will drop on May 27 at 12 am ET (May 26 at 9 pm PT!)  The teaser includes images of a staircase, ropes, the sun, a map, and an interesting structure. Compared to the bright pastels of their pre-release single ‘Darl+ing,’ they give a more mute-toned impression, so we’re eager to understand their true meaning!

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According to the members, Face the Sun is a very personal collection of songs that will tell stories and explore thoughts and emotions that they’ve kept close to their hearts until now. We wonder what kinds of tracks we’ll hear. This group can tap any genre and make it sound like heaven, so there’s truly no limit to what’s possible. Also, let’s all say thank you, SEVENTEEN, for sharing such moments of their lives with us CARATs.

Image Source: SEVENTEEN Official Twitter

Interestingly, SEVENTEEN also updated their Twitter header, and we can’t help but notice five new symbols below the teaser images… We’re also curious about the significance of the five images on the teaser. Since there are five, could that mean there will be five versions of Face the Sun? Hmm, they know just how to leave hints for us, maybe we can solve the mysteries before their album comes out! Only a few more weeks until we get the answers to all our SEVENTEEN questions!

Okay, CARATs, pre-order for Face the Sun starts on April 22 KST, and more information on the album release can be found on Weverse! So, go pre-order and pre-save when SEVENTEEN socials drop those links! You really don’t want to miss this album, we have a feeling it’s about to be iconic. (It’s SEVENTEEN, how could it not be?) 

First English Single ‘Darl+ing’

Last week, the group released their first English single, ‘Darl+ing’ which quickly soared to the top of the charts, including the Top 10 of iTunes Top Song Charts in 46 countries and regions. As it should, we haven’t stopped listening to ‘Darl+ing’ since it dropped because it’s that good!

Watch their ‘Darl+ing’ behind-the-scenes video.

Now, if you’ve replayed the ‘Darl+ing’ music video as much as we have, then check out our analysis and theories on what it might mean! Then check out the behind-the-scenes video from the set.

During one moment, Mingyu says that in the music video, they (SEVENTEEN) have to search for the sun’s mark… Now, what on earth could that sun symbol represent? We still have even more ideas brewing, and we can’t wait to find out the full storyline when their new album drops in May. 

Join The Fun

SEVENTEEN always has fun and creative ways for CARATs to connect with them, and this time around, it’s no different! CARATs can now try out the official ‘Darl+ing’ Instagram filter! Watch DK and Hoshi using it to get some inspiration for your own creations. 

Once you’ve tried out their filter, give their ‘Darl+ing’ challenge a go and show off your incredible dance skills! If you need some help with the choreography, Jun, Joshua, and Mingyu are here to give you your very own tutorial!

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On April 20, CARATs all over the world witnessed the first showing of SEVENTEEN’s first-ever movie! Fans took to social media to share their love for the film, while others will be setting out on April 23 for the second showing. Tickets are still available so go grab your friends and your tickets now. If you’ve seen it already… who are we kidding, we’d watch their movie hundreds of times if we could!

Image Source: SEVENTEEN Official Twitter

We are spoiled, CARATs, truly and gratefully spoiled by SEVENTEEN. Are we already counting down the days until Face the Sun drops? Yes, yes, we are. Are we ready for the vocals, raps, visuals, and storylines? No, no, we are not, but we can’t wait until we get them!

CARATs, how excited are you for Face the Sun? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook

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