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Nina Nesbitt Unveiled New Single, ‘Dinner Table,’ And We Love This Treat

Nina Nesbitt Unveiled New Single, ‘Dinner Table,’ And We Love This Treat

Nina Nesbitt Dinner Party

Nina Nesbitt returns with her latest single, ‘Dinner Table,’ accompanied by a striking, gorgeous music video that beautifully captures the essence of the song and the beauty at its core.

‘Dinner Table’ builds on the success of her previous single, ‘When You Lose Someone,’ marking a massive stride forward with her upcoming album. This heart-wrenching mix by Manon Grandjean and co-written by Ollie Green, adds a poignant punch and vigor to an otherwise pop-addictive discography. With a voice so effortlessly tempting and persuasive, mixed with a lush, sophisticated production of soft timbre, it rises in majestic grandeur, touching the core of our hearts while reflecting on her intimate exploration.

Nina Nesbitt Dinner Party
Image Source: Nina Nesbitt via Instagram

‘Dinner Table’ is one of Nina Nesbitt’s favorite songs from the upcoming album, laced with sheer honesty, rawness, and vulnerability through her silky, angelic vocals, making it an immediate heart-warmer. She came up with the theme of this slowly intensifying song while having a conversation with her grandma and enjoying the warmth of the moment. 

I wrote ‘Dinner Table’ about the three generations of women in my family. It tells the story of the parallels and differences in our lives, growing up in different decades, but the magic of gathering around a table and talking for hours still hasn’t changed.

Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt Dinner Party
Image Source: Nina Nesbitt via Natalie Sakstrup

Lyrically, Nina explores aspects of her relationship with her mom and grandmother while comparing fragments of their youth to her own and drawing parallels between memories, which she weaves alongside, illustrating through the accompanying visuals.

“Three generations, born in different decades,
Some things have changed, but we got the same old heartbreak.”

Despite the differences, Nina notices irrefutable, fascinating similarities—from their fierce, independent attitudes to their tender fangirl hearts. We are swooning after learning that her grandma adored Elvis in the ‘50s and her mother was a massive Bowie fangirl in the ‘80s. You can relate to it, right? It immediately brought back memories of our parents sharing their stories of crushing on their fave musical superstars of their youth.

Image Source: GIPHY

*Ahem* We’re keeping our cool and not going to start our fangirl stories to describe our love for favorite modern pop stars, but we know you can feel us, right? *Ahem*

Image Source: GIPHY

We recently spotted Nina promoting it in a really enjoyable way on TikTok and Instagram. Just check out the video down below:

The music video finds Nina Nesbitt connecting with her family heritage as she takes a trip down to her grandmother’s town, Märsta, in Sweden. She reflects on the generations of her family through old photographs, and it feels like an intimate story reflecting their beautiful bond over the years. In the video, Nina secretly filmed her family around the dinner table while celebrating her grandmother’s 80th birthday using an old VHS camera, which added a layer of grainy, vintage-style footage, packed with beautiful sentiments.

However, we got hungry while writing the article and discussing the dinner. C’mon, can you blame us?

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We came up with a fun, joyous, and really scrumptious quiz for you. To play, just set up a dinner table for us and guess our favorite food items that you’ll be serving us. If we like your dinner menu, we’ll hook you up with Nina Nesbitt’s best song, which is going to be your summer anthem.

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Are you up for a challenge? Then take the quiz below:

Share your results with us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram as we await the delicious dinner menu!

Nina Nesbitt has embarked on her month-long US tour with James Arthur. For complete information on tour dates and tickets, check the official website. ‘Dinner Table’ is available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide. Purchase, download, gift, and stream it here!

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