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PinkPantheress Collabs We Want To See After ‘Where You Are’ Featuring WILLOW

PinkPantheress Collabs We Want To See After ‘Where You Are’ Featuring WILLOW

PinkPantheress and WILLOW just teamed up for the best dreamy, funk-pop song, ‘Where You Are,’ and we are in heaven! The song alone is a bop, but the music video release is a vibe, giving us that early 2000s grunge club atmosphere and horror theme elements.

It’s kind of surreal seeing our fave punk rock artist WILLOW singing alongside our soft-sounding vocalist PinkPantheress, but we’re not complaining! This is the collaboration we’ve been waiting, for after all. And WILLOW isn’t the only person PinkPantheress worked with. She also produced ‘Where You Are’ with Mura Masa and Skrillex, of all people.

But the collaboration with WILLOW on ‘Where You Are’ has gotten us, and we are sure you as well, thinking on who PinkPantheress should collab with next. We don’t know about you, but we already have a few people in mind.

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Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf, funk-pop, artists similar to PinkPantheress
Image Source: Alma Rosaz

Remi Wolf has been on a roll since her popular hit ‘Photo ID’ in 2020. Remi actually has done several collaborations before, working with the likes of the Wallows, Dominic, and Still Woozy. So, we see that she’s pretty open when it comes to collaborating with different artists.

Not only that, but Remi Wolf has a similar funk-pop music style to PinkPantheress. Remi’s singing is also pretty versatile too, going from soulful to high-pitched and saccharine. Like WILLOW’s involvement in ‘Where Are You,’ it would be a match made in heaven to see PinkPantheress and Remi Wolf on a track together.

Conan Gray

Conan Gray, dreamy pop, bedroom pop
Image Source: Dillon Matthew

This is kind of a dream coming true. A PinkPantheress and Conan Gray collab? Um, yes, please! Conan’s vocals are simply angelic, and his songs ‘Heather,’ ‘Maniac,’ and his recent release of ‘Memories‘ prove it. While it’s true that Conan’s style is more indie pop, ‘Where You Are’ ft. WILLOW, however, shows that PinkPantheress’s musical style and vocals can mix well with different genres. So, we’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed for this one!

Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack, contemporary, RnB, rap, Hip Hop, artists similar to PinkPantheress
Image Source: Flo Ngala

PinkPantheress with Tierra Whack might sound a little wacky (pun totally intended), but we like the vibe this one is giving! For one, just looking at any of Tierra Whack’s music videos reminds us of PinkPantheress’s, with them being full of out-there visuals and effects.

While PinkPantheress is more inspired by horror elements, we think inputting Tierra’s more whimsical and weirdcore-like visuals for a collab music video would be fire! Plus, if PinkPantheress ever wanted to experiment with her “new nostalgic” sound and add some Y2K-inspired RnB or rap, Tierra Whack would be her girl!


Paramore, rock, punk rock
Image Source: Alternative Press

It only makes sense to add the one and only Paramore! ‘Where You Are’ does, after all, sample Paramore’s ‘Never Let This Go.’ We don’t know if you’re sensing this, but PinkPantheress has to be a stan for the band! So, the chemistry is already there. Even more, a collaboration between Paramore would make total sense considering they have similar sounds to My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park, bands PinkPantheress is a known fan of.

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Also, if this sounds impossible, there has been news of Paramore working on a new album, meaning they aren’t out of the music game yet. Honestly, a collab between PinkPantheress and Paramore would be both fitting and incredible.

Image Source: Tenor

For more PinkPantheress, you can find out where she’s going on her debut U.S. tour here!

But, in the meantime, is there any artist or band you would like to see PinkPantheress collab with? And what did you think about PinkPantheress’s ‘Where You Are’ ft. WILLOW? Did it live up to its hype? Let us know in the comments. You can also hit us up over at our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!



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