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Welcome To The Beginning Of Stanning BLANK2Y!

Welcome To The Beginning Of Stanning BLANK2Y!


Upcoming K-POP boy group, BLANK2Y’s debut, is quickly approaching, and we think this is a perfect time as ever to get introduced to your new fave group!

Image Source: Blank2y’s official Twitter (@BLANK2Y_twt)

BLANK2Y is a nine-member boy group under Keystone Entertainment. The group consists of members Dk, Louis, Donghyuk, U, Siwoo Mikey, Youngbin, Sungjun, and So Dam. The group is set to have their debut on May 24th, and we’re excitingly counting down the days!

Image Source: Keystone Entertainment

BLANK2Y and Keystone have also been releasing their YouTube reality series, BLANK2Y’S, weekly, and it’s almost at the end. Each video is roughly 25 minutes each, letting fans get to know the new group. If you haven’t checked out the series yet, first, what are you doing? Second, just be prepared because you’ll have a hard time not stanning the guys right from the first episode. So we’re just gonna say it, welcome to the K2YWE life y’all. 

Gif Source: Tenor

From watching the series, we feel as though we learned a lot about the group, the dynamic, and the members individually. We know they’re barely at the beginning, but it felt like any little thing mentioned in the vids was important for the future of BLANK2Y.

Gif Source: Tenor

It was also nice to see the group being able to chill and see how they act in comfortable environments and how comfortable they are all with each other. As well as the drive they all have to see BLANK2Y succeed. We really enjoy watching the series and are hoping for more content like this in the future. You can catch the full series, and we highly recommend you do, here.

Image Courtesy of: Keystone Entertainment

Ahead of their debut, BLANK2Y has also become ambassadors for Blossom the HopeBlossom the Hope is a week-long festival that encourages people to find hope and healing in nature. It will also feature musical guests for performances and content. You can find more info on the event on Coex’s Twitter.

We predict BLANK2Y will be opening a new door for themselves with this debut. We also want to speak it into existence and say the group will be very, very successful both in Korea and globally. How do we know this? Well, Keystone Entertainment signed with DDB Korea recently for the future global promotion and success of BLANK2Y. We can’t wait to see what DDB Korea can do for the group, as well as their debut, like we really can’t.

Image Source: Keystone Entertainment

See, so much to look forward to ahead of, their May 24th debut 👀

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What do you think about Blank2Y, are you excited for their debut as we are? What has been your fave episode from their YouTube series? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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