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3 Reasons You Should Pre-Save Maisie Peters’ ‘Cate’s Brother’

3 Reasons You Should Pre-Save Maisie Peters’ ‘Cate’s Brother’

If you’re a fan of Maisie Peters, you know that she enjoys torturing her fans. Maisie has been teasing us with snippets of the greatest song of all time for the past three months, and we finally have a pre-save link! We are beyond excited for Maisie Peters’s ‘Cate’s Brother,’ which you can (and should) pre-save here.

Image Source: Maisie Peters via Instagram

We’re Actually Getting A Song!

This isn’t the first time Maisie teased a new song, but last time, the song was never released. Maisie shared a clip of ‘Girls House’ in October of 2021, and although we fans begged for the full song, we never got it.

So when Maisie teased a new song in February, fans went nuts begging for the full version, and we were victorious! Last week Maisie revealed the artwork and also gave us (drumroll, please) A pre-save link! We won besties; we did it! The release is TBA, so hack into your friend’s Spotify’s and save save save so we can finally have this bop. We deserve this—pre-save Maisie Peters’ ‘Cate’s Brother’ here.

This Song Is A Certified Bop(TM)

Maisie Peters just finished her headlining tour, and is now the opening act for the European leg of Ed Sheeran’s tour, and while on tour she is feeding us well. Maisie is not shy when it comes to teasing her new song, ‘Cate’s Brother,’ and she has been performing it at many of her shows! This song blows our minds. It’s so fun, and the beat is everything, and we need it now. Maisie says the more we pre-save, the sooner we get our hands on ‘Cate’s Brother,’ so… you can do that here.

This Song Is Lowkey Highkey So Relatable?

We can’t be the only ones to have had crushes on our friends’ siblings, right? We know we aren’t because Maisie said herself that this song is based on her actual best friend’s brother. Tea is being spilled in this song, and we love it 😂. Also, are we the only ones getting ‘Best Friends Brother’ by Victoria Justice vibes, except ten times better? We’re so here for it.

And these lyrics are so good?? We’re obsessed with the chorus.

And then my head said, “are you gonna work, you gonna hurt, you gonna last forever?

Are we gonna make it, gonna break it, when its now or never?

If its gonna hurt will it be worth it and will I recover?

Are you gonna feel the way I feel Cate’s brother?

Maisie Peters ‘Cate’s Brother’

Give it to us now! This is not a request Maisie; it’s a demand.

Fans on Twitter are understandably very excited about this, and since Maisie Peters fans are the funniest ever, we had to share some reactions.

We feel this tweet in our souls.

We want to join!!!

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Mood, retweet, yes, agreed, 100%.

Do as Maisie says and pre-save her new song ‘Cate’s Brother’ here. It’s for your own good.

We are so so so so (so) excited for ‘Cate’s Brother’ to be released! What are your thoughts on the song? Have you pre-saved? The answer to that better be yes, but just in case, you can pre-save Maisie Peters’s ‘Cates Brother’ here. Then hit us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or Facebook and Instagram so we can scream about this song together!


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