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5 Jack Harlow Songs To Get You Ready For Come Home The Kids Miss You

5 Jack Harlow Songs To Get You Ready For Come Home The Kids Miss You

Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow’s had a lot of success in his career so far! From his feature on Lil Nas X’s ‘INDUSTRY BABY’ to his hit single ‘First Class,’ you can’t outrun him! His new album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, drops on May 6 and we’re ecstatic. Here are 5 songs to listen to while you wait!

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‘WARSAW’ (featuring 2forOyNE)

In ‘WARSAW,’ Jack manifests his then-upcoming worldwide success, and we’re obsessed! “Y’all ain’t get to see what I foresaw coming, now the team overseas out in Warsaw, stuntin’.” We love this lyric because it’s referring to both Warsaw, Poland and Warsaw, Louisiana. 2forOyNE adds his unique flow to his verse! This song is perfect for a chill party or pregame! Jack and 2forOyNE are THE dynamic duo!


‘SUNDOWN’ is an absolute banger! Sampling Pharrell Williams’ ‘We Got It For Cheap,’ Jack raps about taking acid for the first time and flexes about his hometown and rap skills. “I just hit the peak, got the kids sweatin’. Out of town chick, tryin’ tell her what a Big Red is. I’m a Kentucky boy ’til the death, go and get it through your head until it’s motherf*ckin’ embedded.” ‘SUNDOWN’ had us dancing in our seats! Add this to your playlist immediately!

‘Wasted Youth’ (featuring Shloob)

OG Jack stans, wya? ‘Wasted Youth’ is from Jack’s sophomore album, Gazebo. This song is nothing but vibes! Jack and Shloob rap about wasting their youth and time hanging out with their friends and girls. “And this that wasted youth, killing time. Say the truth, feel the vibe. Baby let me bring you ’round my friends, yeah, they the purest. I might act a little different, that’s just ’cause they give me courage when I need it.” ‘Wasted Youth’ is a great song to listen to on a chill summer night with friends!


With fame and success comes many girls, and Jack touches on that in ‘21C/Delta.’ In ‘21C’, Jack raps about making girls he hangs out with sign non-disclosure agreements. This song is more upbeat and groovy. Then the beat transitions into ‘Delta’, a more slow tempo track. “Lookin’ back, I gotta wonder if you would have thought that my life would’ve changed like this. That every station in America would play my shit. That I would do a remix and I could take my pick of any rappers that I wanted and they’d get on the sh*t.” Jack had us deep in thought when we listened to this song! Put this on your playlist for late-night vibes! 

‘First Class’

Jack uses his smooth voice to rap about his success and girls. Sampling Fergie’s ‘Glamorous,’ he doesn’t miss! “Can’t lie, I’m on Angus, Cloud 9. I got ’em on the bandwagon now, ’bout time. I ain’t even got no downtime.” We love a good Euphoria reference! ‘First Class’ could be the song of the summer! We’ve been dancing to ‘First Class’ ever since it came out! 

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‘ONCE MAY COMES,’ Jack Harlow’s new album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, will be out! We can’t wait to hear the rest of the album! Did your favorite song make our list? Let us know by tweeting us on Twitter, or in the comments on Instagram and Facebook!


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