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(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Takes On A ‘Drive’ With Her Solo Debut

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Takes On A ‘Drive’ With Her Solo Debut

(G)I-DLE came back with all they had this year. ‘TOMBOY‘ has been on loop since its release, as well as ‘My Bag’ and every single b-side in their first full length-album. But they’re not stopping there, because here’s Miyeon’s solo debut to blow us all away with ‘Drive’ and her mini-album, MY!

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Miyeon has us on the verge of grabbing our car keys and just leaving everything behind – with ‘Drive’ as our soundtrack.

All jokes aside, ‘Drive’ is an incredible pop song that feels so hopeful and carefree. It is such an inspiring song as well and it makes us want to escape somewhere new. In the lyrics, she seems to acknowledge past pain and move forward, all while embracing it. It’s a feeling that translates beautifully in the melody of ‘Drive’ and Miyeon’s amazing voice.

‘Drive’ is the perfect song for Miyeon, and it’s a style we expected – and nonetheless, she still surprised us and amazed us once again.


All the songs in MY feel like they come right out of a movie soundtrack. Each and every single song manages to encapsulate a feeling and make it almost palpable. It’s something about the lyrics, the melodies, the instrumentals, and undeniably something about Miyeon‘s voice. 

‘Rose’ serves as the perfect opening to MY as it embodies her vibe so incredibly well and fits her voice better than any other song. The soulful energy of the song creates such a magical atmosphere, soft and bright. And as its name implies, ‘Softly’ also follows that soft and bright vibe with a slightly more playful turn. The use of the harp mixed with a prominent bass line makes the song so unique and special. 

Image source: CUBE Entertainment

‘TE AMO’ has to be one of the main highlights of this release. The song starts with a simple acoustic guitar and builds so beautifully into a truly powerful song. And what makes this song so special is Miyeon’s voice – she showcases a whole other side of her voice, and we’re obsessed

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In the fifth track of MY, Miyeon collaborated with JUNNY to create this beautiful yet surprising and inspiring love song: ‘Charging.’ The song may start as a piano ballad, but it switches and fastens in the second verse, and it is simply a perfect song. ‘Charging’ is really something special. Meanwhile, the closing track, ‘Rain,’ may be the only sad song in Miyeon’s mini-album, but it is enough to leave us crying for days. She sounds incredible in this song that feels so deeply tragic as she says goodbye to someone she doesn’t love anymore. It is heartbreaking yet beautiful, and therefore the perfect closing track. 

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Image Source: CUBE Entertainment

Miyeon’s debut was everything we hoped for it to be and so much more. These soft and (for the most part) bright songs are absolutely everything to us. And they highlight her beautiful voice so incredibly well. It’s amazing to see her shine on her own. Miyeon‘s debut has really come as a blessing to us!

What was your favorite track on MY? Which (G)I-DLE member do you want to see with a solo debut next? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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