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Our Favorite Lyrics From Monsta X’s SHAPE Of LOVE

Our Favorite Lyrics From Monsta X’s SHAPE Of LOVE

Okay, there really is no limit to what Monsta X can accomplish, they have set the standard sky high once again with their new EP, SHAPE of LOVE. The marvelously adept K-Pop group explores multiple genres while creating a beautifully cohesive piece of art. 

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With each of the six tracks, Monsta X interprets various shapes of love, from their endless love for Monbebe to their own self-love. SHAPE of LOVE also marks the third title track created by their brilliantly talented main rapper Joohoney 🐝. Stream SHAPE of LOVE on the platform of your choice here then go out and purchase a copy in-store – the photocards are calling your name…

Watch their intro to their EP!

Among the many versions of SHAPE of LOVE you can acquire, the “Special” version includes artwork by Minhyuk and photography by Kihyun. In fact, Joohoney asked the two to create art for it and now we have an absolute treasure of a version to add to our collection. We love to see members supporting each other, they’re all so talented!

Take a closer look at Minhyuk’s album artwork. He said that it is a collage comprised of 1,000 photos regarding “love,” things that fans wrote to them, as well as Monsta X lyrics. What can you find in the photos?

In addition, tour time is coming soon! Are you ready to see Monsta X in person? After performing in Germany on May 15 at the new K-Pop festival KPOP.FLEX, they will set out on their long-awaited tour on May 21 in New York City. Check if tickets are still available in the city nearest you. We already have our concert outfit all planned out! 

Monbebe, you already know Monsta X is ace at crafting lyrics, so we picked out a few of our favorite lyrics from each track on SHAPE of LOVE. Without further ado, let’s get into their latest EP!


“I want to give all
Embrace the wound and go for it once more
Love me like you did, baby”

“What do you think love is?” The group opens up their album’s title track with this question and we think we may have the answer… (Hint: it’s Monsta X!) This is Joohoney’s third consecutive title track and it’s consistently true that everything he touches is pure gold.

‘LOVE’ is unlike anything we’ve seen Monsta X prepare before and it dazzles! The 90s R&B, hip-hop influence, the jazzy slowed post-chorus with Joohoney’s voice-over, Kihyun’s high note, the dance break! There’s too much to love about this song and music video. 

Did we die then come back to life when I.M said: “If you want me, then dance with me”? Of course we did. We’ll need a few days to recover from this title track, thank you very much. Oh, by the way, Monbebe, did you notice that there were six mic stands at the end of the music video? Shownu, your spot is saved!

‘Burning Up (Feat. R3HAB)’

“I’m burning up
You set my fire, I’m hopeless
All I need is your love”

Monsta X’s first collaboration with Dutch DJ and producer R3HAB is straight 🔥. With Hyungwon teaming up with R3HAB as a lyricist and composer, it was already set to be a banger. At this point, we’ve replayed it too many times to count.

And that drop has us up and dancing every single time! Here’s to hoping Monsta X dips into more EDM tracks in the future because ‘Burning Up’ is already on our favorites playlist for the year. Maybe we’ll also get some more music from DJ H.ONE soon as well ​​👀


“Take a breath in a dive deep
Take deep breath
Yeah, baby, cross the line to each other”

Fine, we might just say every song on this EP is our favorite, but after hearing them all you’ll understand why. ‘Breathe’ is an uptempo track that touches on the connection between two people. Monsta X’s vocals are beautiful and they’re shown off wonderfully in this song. Seriously, Joohoney hits some runs that we’re not over yet. 


“You pulled me in like a riptide
This love is sick and it spreads like
Wildfire, wildfire, oh, oh, oh”

Co-produced by Hyungwon, I.M, and Joohoney, this track displays exactly why Monsta X’s teamwork is so flawless. Written mostly in English, ‘Wildfire’ expresses the desire to be set free from a toxic love that consumes them. 

Every time Hyungwon’s part comes around, we have to sing along (okay, fine, we belt it). Minhyuk’s gorgeous vocals on the chorus are an absolute dream, and we love Kihyun’s powerful start to the chorus. Alright, we should move on before we spend an hour talking about one song alone.  

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‘사랑한다 (LOVE FOREVER)’ 

“You’re my sea
I dreamt about who you are
A voyage towards you, yeah”

Written, composed, and arranged by Joohoney with lyrics by I.M as well, ‘사랑한다’ is a sweet song written for Monbebe. Now, before we go on, we should mention that there’s something Monsta X always does for Monbebe, they look into the camera and shout altogether: “사랑한다 몬베베!” It’s a cute statement of love we’ve come to cherish and we can’t help but think of that moment when we hear this song. 

Recalling the days we’ve been together, it contains our message that ‘no matter what, we will continue to sail and fight these fluctuating waves in front of us.’

Monsta X on ‘사랑한다’


“The cold road was once become beautiful
Let the icy hands bloom like spring
Every little thing I put has a meaning because of you
I’ve been able to endure a particularly long night”

Written, composed, and arranged by I.M, ‘AND’ is a romantic track and a powerful anthem. It ends with the lyric: “I sincerely pray that you don’t forget me” and we just have to say there’s no way we ever could.

We are faced with endless hellos and goodbyes. As if there’s no eternal relationship or everlasting farewell, it seems to come back again once-in-a-lifetime. Just like how there’s only a one-letter difference between ‘End’ and ‘And.’

I.M on ‘AND’

Well, the wait was more than worth it, as expected, since we know the Monstas only know how to make hits! The vocals, the raps, the music, the choreography, each member’s participation – everything about SHAPE of LOVE is top-tier perfect. Now, go ahead and stream SHAPE of LOVE and make sure you’ve got your tickets to see them tear up the stage live! 

Monbebe, how much do you love SHAPE of LOVE? Which track is your favorite? Leave a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook

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