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Tomorrow X Together Are OFFICIALLY Embarking On Their First Tour! Here’s What We Need On The ACT: LOVE SICK Setlist

Tomorrow X Together Are OFFICIALLY Embarking On Their First Tour! Here’s What We Need On The ACT: LOVE SICK Setlist

We made it, MOA! The day has finally arrived! After three years since their debut, TXT is officially embarking on their first world tour! 

Tomorrow X Together Are OFFICIALLY Embarking On Their First Tour! Here’s What We Need On The ACT: LOVE SICK Setlist TXT  excited happy jumping dancing GIF The Honey POP
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This week, 4th Gen It Boys Tomorrow X Together announced the first cities of the ACT: LOVE SICK tour which will span eight cities in Seoul, South Korea, and cities across the US, including Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles this summer. But don’t worry international MOA; it looks like our boys are going to be dropping more countries later on, so it’s time to start saving. We know, with their comeback next month it’s gonna be hard, but we believe in you! 

We have a little bit of time before the quintet hit the road, so being the most helpful and caring MOA we are, we thought we’d help them out with setlist ideas by dropping some absolute bangers we think are worthy of a place on the setlist. You’re welcome, boys. You’re welcome.

For the record: we’re going to assume all title tracks will be included in the setlist and are offering other songs we think deserve a spot on tour. 


​​The duality that this track has, holy– like this live? It would be a true dream to witness. Now, we’d easily sit through the full 19 minutes and 32 seconds version the music video provided us but we know that’s cutting into a lot of setlist time so if TXT could just add the initial version and we will be very happy clams indeed.


The boys’ first all-English song is such a banger, you just know we’ll all be vibing to this little beauty. At the end of the day, finally seeing TXT on tour after so long really is just like ‘Magic’ so them performing this is just called for, don’t you think? 


Is one of the biggest reasons we wish to see this song live because we want to witness Huening Kai’s intro? Yes, we cannot tell a lie. But imagine the instrumental, they have room to have live instruments or just make it so spine-tingling and it’s just something we think is worth every penny. Lowkey, we can see MOA starting a mosh pit or something during this. Like if you think about it…

‘Cat & Dog’ 

Okay, listen. We know this song has been meme’d a little (a lottle…) by MOA but you cannot deny the fact that this song slaps. Like it’s an actual banger. And listen, TXT, if you’re reading this: please feel free to perform the original version of this song. Don’t feel the need to sing in English for the benefit of us international fans because we pride ourselves on knowing the lyrics in Korean and to be totally honest with you? We are desperate to shout “FEEL LIKE CINDERELLA, NAEGA BYEONHAE!” with Yeonjun full of pride. We’ve done it on the live stream performances and our one wish is to be able to do it in person. Please and thank you.


Another song that would sound so dope with live instruments is ‘Ghosting.’ Like hello drums?! We will absolutely be bouncing in the audience to this one. It’s such a vibe and hits back to the popular retro vibe that kicked off this decade and featured a lot in the Blue Hour era. And the chorus? Mmm-mmm, we need this one on the setlist pls.

‘No Rules’

Tbh, kinda feel like ‘No Rules’ deserves more hype than it actually got during The Chaos Chapter era and we think that a TXT tour is the best place to revive it and let it shine. Not to mention the choreo is *chef kiss*. If you think about it, they could actually blend the songs with similar names together into remixes so technically we get more songs. ‘No Rules’ and ‘New Rules,’ ‘PUMA’ and ‘What If I Had Been That PUMA?’ ‘Our Summer’ and “We Lost The Summer’… see where we’re going with this?

‘MOA Diary’

If we’re being totally honest, it would kinda be a crime for them to not perform this. Like it’s our song. TXT ‪♡‬ MOA 4EVER right? And we will be reunited for the first time in forever, for many of us it’ll be the first time we’re united with the boys at all, so this song would be so special to witness live. Catch us screaming “DUBADDU WARI WARI” with sweat in our eyes. And if they close the show with it? That’s it. We’ll be gone. Do not look at us when they leave the stage. (Note to selves: stock up on more concert-proof makeup)

‘Maze In The Mirror’

Every show needs a little chill moment and ‘Maze In The Mirror’ is perhaps the perfect song for this. The boys spread across the stage with their smoldering looks, stunning vocals, and MOAbongs swaying gently side to side. Truly a chillingly beautiful moment on tour. So beautiful that we can clearly envision it right now. 

‘Nap of a Star’ 

‘Nap of a Star’ could tie in with the section where ‘Maze In The Mirror’ is performed. It’s a true golden oldie that really captured our MOA hearts back in 2019 so it would be amazing to see it performed live on the first proper TXT tour. And just imagine the outfits they could wear or the stage set! 

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We’d love to see one of the original TXT Japanese songs performed on tour and we think ‘Frost’ really has that adrenaline to get the crowd so hyped. The performance would truly be so electric and you just know the audience would be absolutely buzzing with vibes. 

We’re leaving room for songs from their new album that’s due out next month, but if we’re being completely honest we would pay good money to see them perform the entire TXT discography live. Like no complaints from us!

Tomorrow X Together Are OFFICIALLY Embarking On Their First Tour! Here’s What We Need On The ACT: LOVE SICK Setlist TXT Blue Hour Camera focus OT5 The Honey POP
Image Source: Tenor

Tomorrow X Together will be taking the ACT: LOVE SICK world tour to Korea and the US in July. Info for tickets to follow.

Need more TXT in your life? We gotchu!

Will you be trying to get tickets to see TXT on tour? What songs do you want them to perform? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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