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Amelia Moore Drops Piano Version Of ‘Crybaby’

Amelia Moore Drops Piano Version Of ‘Crybaby’

Amelia Moore Piano Version Crybaby

Amelia Moore has done it again, folks. Somehow, she managed to make one of her masterpieces even better, and we simply cannot get enough. Miss Amelia Moore has dropped a beautifully heartbreaking, piano version of her newest song, ’Crybaby.’

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’Crybaby’ is already a tear-jerking song (see what we did there) but the stripped version will probably cause anime-level crying because wow. We recommend listening to the original version first, then watching the video for the piano version to compare. You’ll see what we mean then 😌!

Crying Our Eyes Out

First, we have to say that visually, this video captures the rawness of heartbreak so well. Moore sits in an empty warehouse while it “rains” as she plays the piano. She’s wearing a long black dress and a large black hat that looks akin to a baby bonnet. It seems like there are a few references to the lyrics themselves; the baby bonnet-like hat, the rain (“When did God give you control of the rain?”), and the mascara running down her face (“How can you watch makeup runnin’ down my face?”) all caught our attention. Also, let’s give a hand to Moore for her stellar acting! She deserves an Oscar…she looked so…sad (sending hugs to you, Amelia)!

Second, let’s discuss this arrangement and appreciate it a little. In this version, it is literally just the rain, the piano, and Moore’s voice to fill the space. The studio version has more electronic instrumentation and layered harmonies, but still has the piano hidden in there. Jon Pareles, a critic from The New York Times, says of ’Crybaby:’

[‘crybaby’] twitches with up-to-the-minute electronics…But the song’s masochistic drama stays rooted in the blues, and in the ways a human voice can break and leap.

Jon Pareles on ’Crybaby’ by Amelia Moore

Here, we get to hear Moore’s raw vocals with no backtrack and it still sends chills down our spines. She shows off her vocal prowess with incredible runs, high notes, and belts that just solidify, she is an artist to be reckoned with. You might also notice that the arrangement of this version is a bit different from the original, and we don’t just mean the tempo is different. There aren’t too many changes in the melody for the piano version, but they’re definitely there. The rearrangement is refreshing, and we love Moore for giving us a new version of ’Crybaby’ to love.

Grab The Tissues

While you can’t add this version of ’Crybaby’ to your playlist, you can most certainly add the original! And when you add ’Crybaby,’ you might as well add Moore’s previous songs, ’Sweet and Sour,’ ’Vinegar,’ and ’Moves.’ All of them are just as incredible as ’Crybaby,’ so we know you’ll love them. They all have The Honey POP stamp of approval.

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Is Amelia Moore’s piano version of ’Crybaby’ the perfect song to cry in your car to? Let us know, and then we’ll tell you where we’ve sobbed while listening to it. You can holler at us on our Twitter, @thehoneypop, Instagram, or Facebook.

Before you go, though, we have some news about Amelia Moore: she’s going to be dropping her debut EP soon! We’re so excited to hear more of Moore’s music! While we wait, keep an eye on her TikTok, where she tends to tease some of her upcoming releases. Until next time 🫡!

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