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Our Hearts Are Stepping Out Of Time With Peter McPoland’s ‘News At 9’

Our Hearts Are Stepping Out Of Time With Peter McPoland’s ‘News At 9’

The THP HQ never get enough of checking out the freshest harvest from artists on the rise. This new song has taken our breath away and is ruling our playlist since its release. We cannot thank Peter McPoland enough for gifting this new track and sharing his vulnerable feelings with us. The US-based singer from Vermont, Peter McPoland has released a new track called ‘News At 9’ and we are crying and sobbing over it. We are going to buy more tissues and in the meantime, you go and listen to this heart-wrenching single here.

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This is one of the most vulnerable songs we have listened to for a long time. The more you say about this song, it sure will be never enough. Our hearts are “stepping out of time” with Peter McPoland’s ‘News At 9.’ This highly emotional song by Peter is the one we never knew we needed and now it is on repeat. The striking ballad with the opening ambulance siren is getting to us for real and it’s making the whole story so vivid. The sudden uplifting beat and vocals by Peter are what we call a “masterpiece.” The lines “See my pulse is stepping out of time / Feel how cold my breath is, is it even mine? / Will I be old and dead or young and lying / On the news at 9?” have so much power in it. You will start getting goosebumps like us same as the bold statement shared by our new favorite Peter:

I have never cared for a song the way I care for this song. Never wanted for a song, the way I want for this song, and have never been so truly passionate in every aspect of a song, as I am for this song. If I am myself again, it is because of this song. Theeeee greatest song I’ve ever made in my entire life.

Peter McPoland on ‘News At 9’

It Deeply Explores Peter’s Vulnerability Towards His Love:

We are short of words as we are describing one of the masterpieces of the music world. When we watch the music video, we feel Peter’s pain in our hearts. The way he has described the heartbreak is immaculate. We cannot praise him enough. There are so many raw emotions in this song. Once you hear his song, you will instantly fall in love with his pure voice. The vocals, lyrics, music, and the whole setup of the video are amazing. All we can say is a big THANK YOU to Peter McPoland for bringing the heartbreak and the process of hardship in a unique way to us and WE feel it.

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What do you think about Peter McPoland’s new song, ‘News At 9?’ We bet you’re as in love with this song as we are. Join us and drop us a comment down below, or hit us up on Twitter at @thehoneypop or on Facebook and Instagram.


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