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4 Of Our Favorite Moonbyul Songs

4 Of Our Favorite Moonbyul Songs

MooMoos, how are we feeling? Moonbyul is back with her second single album C.I.T.T (Cheese in the Trap), and we at THP are so hyped! Just over three months since her last comeback, Moonbyul takes on a bright and playful concept for C.I.T.T.

Moonbyul song CITT concept
Image Source: RBW Entertainment

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Her title track ‘Cheese In The Trap’ is about doing everything you can to make someone fall in love with you. It’s easy for Moonbyul because she can just breathe, and we’d fall in love. She doesn’t need to set a trap for us; we’d go wherever she tells us to go.

The second track ‘My Moon’ is a heartwarming song about what being in love feels like. From sharing smiles and laughter to having sweaty hands and nerves, you think about moments with them constantly. There are such good vibes in this song that we’ve been needing desperately!

Both of Moonbyul’s new tracks are perfect additions to our playlist. We think her entire discography is incredible, but here are just four of our favorite Moonbyul songs!

‘G999’ Feat. Mirani

The first one on this list is ‘G999’ feat. Mirani from Moonbyul’s latest mini-album 6equence. ‘G999’ is about a crush that’s out of this world! You’re attracted to their energy, and you can’t think straight. Moonbyul pre-released this fun retro bop in December 2021, and it’s been our go-to song for spontaneous solo dance parties since.


‘Absence’ is one of our favorite Moonbyul songs from 門OON, the repackaged version of her first EP in 2020. This song takes a different perspective from her usual love songs, but we love it all the same. She sings about a love that can leave you feeling confused and empty. Like you want to be left alone, but you don’t want them to go. And the performance video? *chef’s kiss* Beautiful.


Adding to this list of absolute masterpieces, we have ‘Snow’ from Moonbyul’s debut EP Dark Side Of The Moon. ‘Snow’ is our comfort song, no matter what season it is. Her vocals can lull us to sleep any day, and these lyrics are on another level: “Blurred time / I’ll let go of the hand that I forcibly held.” Oh, look at that, we’re in our feels.

‘Selfish’ Feat. Seulgi

Another one of our favorite Moonbyul songs is ‘Selfish’ feat. Seulgi from her first single album. It’s a lighthearted song with a powerful message about remembering to choose your own happiness. Do things for yourself and not for other people. Forget the standards and expectations from the world and live as you want. This song hits a little too close to home, but we’re working on making it our life motto!

Moonbyul outdoes herself again with C.I.T.T (Cheese In The Trap), and we’re already listening to it nonstop! We can honestly say we’ve liked every one of Moonbyul’s songs since her solo debut.

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Moonbyul song CITT concept
Image Source: RBW Entertainment

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