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Gia Lily Is Good Enough To Rule Our Playlist

Gia Lily Is Good Enough To Rule Our Playlist

It has only been two songs that were released, and we are obsessed with her voice. The London-based singer, actor, and TikTok queen Gia Lily has a long career to go, and we are here to experience it. With the charming and exceptionally unique voice, Gia Lily has released her second single ‘Good Enough.’ Headphones are not enough, we want to hear the song live and jam to it. Listen to the song here and join the coolest swarm of Honeybees obsessing over the banger!

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We might never get the true definition of unconditional love, but we can always try to put ourselves first when the opposite one is ruining it all. Gia Lily has explained this theme through her new single and we are more than inspired. She has absolutely pulled the curtain down with her second single. We are obsessed with the blossoming reputation that has been expanded in ‘Good Enough.’ The rising star is impeccable in the storytelling and putting the words in the music chords. No one can be more perfect than Gia to explain the meaning and reason behind this song:

‘Good Enough’ is about looking back on a relationship where you put the other person first despite going through your own ride of life struggles. You’re constantly bleeding into the other person’s issues, which makes you feel like you’re not good enough. It’s an emotionally-charged song with a realization that you are and always have been more than just good enough.

Gia Lily on ‘Good Enough’

Don’t Look Back, You Are Good Enough

Gia Lily pours her soul out as she puts her heart on the line while singing those words we all too often save for our daily diaries. ‘Good Enough’ is simple but effective with the powerful voice of Gia. We go through life struggles every day and chase after the person who does not really care. Gia is advising not to put ‘YOURSELF’ down. Respect yourself because you are and always have been more than good enough. This song is so uplifting that you feel elevated every time you hear it.

What’s your favorite lyric from Gia Lily’s ‘Good Enough’ and how does it inspire you? Tell us by commenting down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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