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‘It’s About Damn Time’ For Lizzo To Go On Tour! We Can’t Wait For Lizzo’s The Special Tour

‘It’s About Damn Time’ For Lizzo To Go On Tour! We Can’t Wait For Lizzo’s The Special Tour

Everybody jump, Lizzo is going on tour!

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This new tour kicks off this September and we are so excited! The Special Tour is celebrating Lizzo’s upcoming album SPECIAL, but we hope to see some Lizzo classics performed on the big stage. Lizzo puts on a great show and we absolutely cannot wait to see her perform and go nuts in the fall, and here are some songs we hope to see her perform.


‘Boys’ is a fan favorite and for good reason! That song brings all the energy and good vibes. Also, there’s nothing like yelling that chorus while packed into a stadium like a bunch of very happy, very excited, very sweaty sardines. And the beat is perfect for dancing and jumping up and down and we need it.

This song was made to be performed live, we don’t make the rules.


Our self-love anthem! We need this song live on The Special Tour. Hello? Lizzo can you hear us? It’s not a want it’s a need, thank you.

One, one, one, one, one, one (The one)
Like damn she the one
One, one, one (The one)
That bitch in the mirror like yeah, I’m in love
Love, love, love, love, love, love (In love)
Like yeah, I’m in love
Love, love, love (In love)
Look up in the mirror like damn she the one

Lizzo, ‘Soulmate’

We can already feel the adrenaline that comes from hearing this live. We can picture it now… screaming until our throats are raw, jumping until our feet are numb, and having the best time… yep, it’s a need.


This song has a bit more of an old-school feel. ‘Jerome’ gives us kinda 70s rock vibes, and we would love to hear it on Lizzo’s The Special Tour. This is a “let’s all sway gently together while we vibe” song, and it’s a nice break from Lizzo’s very high-energy discography. This song is also a very gentle, and yet incredibly vicious song, and we stan.


We don’t think this one needs much explanation. ‘Juice’ is Lizzo’s most iconic song and if it’s not on the setlist we will start a riot in the stadium. It’s quite literally the epitome of “a bop”. The Special Tour just wouldn’t be complete without ‘Juice’ and that’s the tea. (Or shall we say, “that’s the juice“…. we are so sorry for that joke). We’re ready to dance our hearts out to this song. Let’s do this!


When you look up “bop” in the dictionary there is just a little link to stream ‘Crybaby.’ This song needs to be on The Special Tour setlist because we deserve it. We need it. ‘Crybaby’ is another super vibey song, and we love it so much!!! ‘Crybaby’ is the song equivalent of this emoji: 🥰. And Lizzo’s vocals on this song??? Mwah, so good! We need this on the setlist and we need it bad.

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Honorable Mention: ‘I Will Survive’ Ft. Harry Styles???

This one is a cover that Lizzo performed with Harry Styles during Coachella, but it was so fun and energetic and we would d-word to hear it on The Special Tour…. or any song with Harry tbh, we stan Harry and Lizzo’s friendship with our whole being and any time they’re on stage together, it’s a really good time.

This tour is going to blow us all away and we are so ready. We love Lizzo and we know she’s going to put on the show of the century. If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, you can get some right over here, and don’t forget to pre-save SPECIAL, out July 15th, here!

Are you going to Lizzo’s The Special Tour? What songs are you hoping to see live? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!


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