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20 New Music Videos You Need To Check Out

20 New Music Videos You Need To Check Out

Music on its own is already awesome, but music videos always manage to bring something new to the song and bring it to life. These are twenty music videos that did exactly that!

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‘Another Day’ by Michele Morrone

The first music video on our list is ‘Another Day.’ Michele Morrone’s acting skills really shine in this one and combined with his incredibly powerful voice. The story told through the music video is heartbreaking and so tragic, and that makes it the perfect music video for such an epic sad song.

‘Born or Made’ by Forrest Isn’t Dead

Do you like storylines in music videos? ‘Born or Made’ by Forrest Isn’t Dead is for you. And do you like horror stories? Then this was definitely made for you. And a huge bonus of it all is that the song absolutely slaps.


The Canadian singer-songwriter embraced her inner child and her childhood with this one. The song is already amazing, but to see her figure skating in the middle of the mountains is absolutely gorgeous. It gets even more personal with the clips of her younger self figure skating as well. It’s a truly heartwarming music video to watch, and it’s just beautiful.

‘Elephant’ by Flynn

‘Elephant’ is such a fun and dynamic pop song – it’s impossible not to get obsessed with it. It’s so catchy, and it’s literally everything that’s good about pop music. And the music video is so much fun while having a strange side to it as the “elephant in the room” is personified. It’s fun and original – something no one should miss out on.

‘The Falls’ by Chxrry22

The vibes of Chxrry22’s ‘The Falls’ are absolutely everything. The work on lighting and the shots compliment the RnB song so incredibly well. The music video is just a gorgeous piece of art, and so is the song.

‘Fingernails’ by Don Broco

Now, this one is an absolute trip to watch. It’s hard to really explain what happens in ‘Fingernails‘ but know that if you like fantasy, dinosaurs, rock music, and music videos with storylines – this one is definitely for you.

‘Four Moons’ by Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore‘s new album is right around the corner, and while we wait, she released ‘Four Moons’ – a cute soft acoustic love song about cherishing every moment. And what makes the song even cuter is the music video – the comfort, homely, domestic vibe of it all. It truly encapsulates the feeling of this wholesome song.

‘Ghost Story’ by Carrie Underwood

It wasn’t enough for ‘Ghost Story’ to be an incredible song, Carrie Underwood also had to release an absolutely beautiful and haunting music video with it. Showing off the beauty of the Los Angeles Theatre, the music video tells the story of a man haunted by his past. The setting is already enough to make it beautiful, but the shots, the outfits, the aesthetic – everything about it is simply gorgeous.

‘Leave Just Yet’ by Heart Of Gold

‘Leave Just Yet’ is a bright pop-rock song all about self-discovery and putting yourself first. And the landscapes and settings through which Heart Of Gold’s main singer walks by are beautiful, and it literally makes us want to run away and find ourselves along with him.

‘Libre’ by Angèle

The Belgian singer-songwriter Angèle never fails when it comes to music videos, and her new music video, ‘Libre,’ is no exception. It’s a strange yet super fun music video to watch that fits the feel-good vibe of the song. She truly never misses.

‘Maybe You’re The Problem’ by Ava Max

Another queen of music videos is, of course, Ava Max. And she’s back with a retro pop song, ‘Maybe You’re The Problem.’ Mixing reality with a video game, with strange and fun scenarios – it’s so fun to watch and fits the empowering feeling of the song. ‘Maybe You’re The Problem’ is truly something you can’t miss out on.

‘Mopstick’ by French Montana and Kodak Black

This one is different from all the other songs and music videos on the list. French Montana‘s latest release featuring Kodak Black is the perfect laid-back hip hop track. And when it comes to the music video, what you hear is literally what you get.

‘Never Found’ by Yunger

‘Never Found’ embodies the idea of hiding your true self from everyone else, including the ones you love. Yunger not only released an amazing song but the music video they released with it represents the imagery perfectly. Incredible lighting and amazing shots, a deep and meaningful message – it’s a great release.

‘self sabotage’ by Lexi Jayde

‘self sabotage’ is truly a special music video. It feels like a homemade video with glimpses of Lexi Jayde‘s life. And it makes the song so much more vulnerable, comforting and hopeful. Everyone that is going through a rough time should listen to this pop song and watch this music video and know that everything will be okay.

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‘Skyline’ by Khalid

This is your official new Khalid music alert! He just released the lead single from his highly anticipated third album and we’re already obsessed. The music video for ‘Skyline’ translates the care-free feeling of the song so well – it’s colorful, it’s fun, it’s literally a serotonin booster.

‘Sleep Tight’ by Holly Humberstone

Have you ever had a friend you’re not sure what you feel for them is friendship or more? Well, Holly Humberstone definitely can relate. ‘Sleep Tight’ is all about that and the music video translates that confusing and dizzying feeling so well. This is not only a most-watch but also a song that really needs to be on your playlist!

‘Sinner’ by OF VIRTUE

OF VIRTUE keeps evolving as a group and it shows with their new song: ‘Sinner.’ The rock song is so incredibly good and the black and white music video completes it so well. The shots are absolutely gorgeous and the abandoned setting makes the song all the more haunting.

‘There For Me’ by JB Somers

Now, this one is an emotional one. JB Somers’ ‘There For Me’ is incredibly vulnerable and if you like slow sad music, this one is for you. The music video shows him in an empty abandoned house and it makes the song all the more heartbreaking yet memorable.

‘True Love Never Dies’ by Peyton Shay

The pop-rock vibes of ‘True Love Never Dies’ are absolutely emaculated. And the music video is gorgeous as we see Peyton Shay singing in the middle of nature. Somehow it sounds like it wouldn’t go together, but it really does. It’s so beautifully filmed and the song is an absolute bop.

‘Want Me Dead’ by Caspr

And last but definitely not least, Caspr’s pop-rock song, ‘Want Me Dead,’ is absolutely everything. It’s angsty, it’s captivating, explosive and all that is good about this type of music. The music video is also so incredibly memorable with the effects of the camera and the beautiful night shots. The aesthetic and vibe of it are just everything.

Which one of these is your favorite music video? What’s your favorite music video of all time? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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