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Our Top Three Tracks From PSY’s 9th

Our Top Three Tracks From PSY’s 9th

We’ve waited for the newest hit song from K-Pop legend PSY and it’s finally here! PSY dropped his latest album, 9th, on April 29 with a title track produced and featuring Suga of BTS. Yep, so you already know it’s going to blow your mind with how amazing it is! This is his first release in five years, and he is back with a bang. 

Image Source: PSY Official Twitter

Among the incredible artists credited or featured on his album are top stars Tablo, Jessi, Hwasa, Crush, and Heize. PSY pulled no punches with this masterpiece of an album, and we love him for it. As a cool plus, on his official socials, he posted mini-interviews with each artist he collaborated with. The respect and appreciation for each other are evident in each video and made us even more eager to hear what the tracks would sound like! 

Out of the twelve catchy, fun, and interesting songs, we’ve picked out our top three and are here to share them with you! 

‘That That’ (Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS)

The moment we heard the teaser for this song, we prepared for it to be stuck in our heads for the rest of the year. PSY and Suga clearly had so much fun on the set of this MV too. Are we already learning the choreography? You know it. Have we replayed Suga’s amazing feature moment over and over? Absolutely. 

Watch the two-part mini-interview with PSY and Suga! 

‘GANJI’ (Feat. Jessi)

We love this collaboration between PSY and Jessi, who was the first artist to be signed under his record label P NATION. It’s a power song with a super catchy hook, “I got gratitude and attitude.”  If you need a hype-up song, this one is for you!

Watch PSY and Jessi’s mini-interview!


And, of course, we’re choosing the track that starts off his comeback album. We’re excited to hear new music from PSY as fans, but we can’t imagine how meaningful 9th is for the man himself. You can listen to a sample of each track above and then go check out his full album wherever you stream music!

We know we said three of our favorite tracks, but we really are jamming out to all songs on 9th, so be sure to check them out. Okay, we’re going back to learning the ‘That That’ choreo! 

Which 9TH track is your favorite? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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