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3 Ideas For Listening To Kehlani’s New Album

3 Ideas For Listening To Kehlani’s New Album

Our favorite Taurus Kehlani’s new album blue water road is officially here and we couldn’t be more excited! Their third full-length album was released on April 29th, 2022, and executive produced by Pop Wansel. The project features a handful of amazing artists like Justin Bieber, Blxst, Jessie Reyez, Syd, and more.

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“I want you to hear the time we put into it, the dedication we put into it, the joy we put into it, and the heart we put into it. There’s a serious pulse. I’m at peace now. I’m just a hard-working mom who is only focused on creating my own little world with my family. I’m a completely different person than I could’ve been, even in my wildest dreams. When you listen to this, I really hope you feel like you went to Blue Water Road and were there with me.”


The album showcases Kehlani at their most joyful, and the feeling bleeds through in every beat, lyric, and vocal. This is an album rich with imagery, lush with feeling, and a natural progression in Kehlani’s discography that makes us proud as fans.

Because this album is so visceral and vivid, here are some ideas to maximize your listening experience! Let’s take a trip to blue water road, everyone…

‘little story’

The album opener and one of the promo singles, this tender track is an ode to creating the life that you’ve always dreamed of. In the song, Kehlani asks for a second chance with someone and creates a music video full of nature and aesthetics that beg to be recreated. This is why ‘little story‘ makes us want to take blue water road into nature.

Find a beautiful park, a magical lookout spot, a blooming garden, or another kind of outdoor place full of blooms and birds. Throw your headphones on and take it all in.

‘wish i never’ / ‘up at night’

Both of these bops have a nostalgic flair that takes us back to the 90s and 2000s. ‘wish i never’ samples Slick Rick’s ‘Children’s Story,’ while ‘up at night‘ features a throwback vibe and beat with the help of Justin Bieber. The former seamlessly transitions into the latter as they appear back-to-back on the album, and infuse the middle of the album with upbeat energy.

If you gravitate more toward this kind of energy, throw an album listening party! Deck out your living room with fun decorations, take photos, order pizza, and blast blue water road.

‘tangerine’ / ‘everything’ / ‘altar’

The sensual, vibrant lyricism of blue water road glows on these three songs. ‘tangerine’ is full of vivid metaphors, while ‘everything’ is a silky ode to love. Meanwhile, ‘altar‘ sees Kehlani dipping into their spiritual side.

Listening to the lyrics on this album is so inspiring, so another idea for listening to blue water road is song journaling! All you need is a pen and paper if you’d rather keep it simple. Play the album and write about whatever each song inspires from you. This way, you’ll always have the memory of your first listen preserved.

If you’re more visual, gather some old magazines and use them to make collages for each song that represent the energy you get from listening. If you don’t have the physical supplies, you could even do this via Pinterest, TikTok, or a photo editing app!

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Follow Kehlani’s journey to blue water road in their series on YouTube here.

Stream Kehlani’s new album blue water road here!

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