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Only The Poets Are Every Band We’ve Ever Wanted, With ‘Every Song I Ever Wrote’

Only The Poets Are Every Band We’ve Ever Wanted, With ‘Every Song I Ever Wrote’

Only The Poets fisheye lens photo by Rory Barnes

Did we catch Only The Poets on tour with our sunshine Louis Tomlinson last month? Yep. Did we scream every song and fall even further in love with OTP? Yep. Did we hold up our torches during ‘Ceasefire’ and our little song project flyers during ‘Every Song I Ever Wrote?’ Yes, honey, we did. So, you’d best believe we are screaming, crying, and throwing up now that this complete and utter anthemic sad bop has finally been released! We love every song Only The Poets have ever wrote, but ‘Every Song I Ever Wrote’ may just be number one.

Only The Love For OTP

Seriously, Only The Poets are beautiful humans, both inside and out. Wherever they go and whatever they do, OTP’s energy feels wrapped in genuine adoration for music and love for the people supporting them. We felt that last year when we hopped on a fan Zoom to chat to the boys, and got a sneaky live of ‘No More Lonely,’ and that really was just the beginning of our OTP stan mode here at THP HQ! Talent seeps from every pore of these Reading lads, with lyrics and melodies that leave us with goosebumps on our faces, warm gravel vocals that make our tummies flip, and instrument shredding that we can feel buzzing through the soles of our feet. And that’s not even touching on Tommy’s dancing! Oh, the hip action.

Image Source: Jen Southern
Standing On A Precipice

Yes, Only The Poets are here, and they’re just getting started. We’ve known it for a while, and we feel privileged to be witnessing their journey – We know you feel the same! Only The Poets seem to be standing on a precipice of their staggering musical future, and we could not be more here for it. They’ve returned from supporting Louis on tour, as, in our opinion, one of the best support acts in history; they’re prepping for their own upcoming UK headline tour (oi, tickets are here); and now, their brand new release, ‘Every Song I Ever Wrote’ is filling our homes, THP HQ, TikTok, and our little bee hearts.

Image Source: Rory Barnes

“I’m crying with a smile
Now go, I’m ready to let you
Let you go, I’ll never regret you
Never turn around just know wherever you get to
No one ever lives forevеr as long as you do
I love, I love, I loved you.”

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Funnily, we’re crying with a smile too. We’re not doing well, huns. Seeing OTP succeed, and seeing them feel constantly blown away by fan support, makes us want to explode. Here at THP HQ, we love shining a spotlight on passionate and talented independent artists just like Only The Poets (yes, they’re unsigned, how ridiculous); and to see them getting the break they so clearly deserve, is an honor. And that’s one of the reasons we are streaming ‘Every Song I Ever Wrote’ like there’s no tomorrow. Well… that and the promise that if it gets 1 million streams in the first week, Tommy will get a tattoo designed by a fan! We’re not saying 50% of those streams will be by us, but yeah, 50% of those streams will be by us. Get that ink, Tommy! May we suggest a honey pot design? No? Okay then.

@onlythepoetsuk 166K AND ITS ONLY 5.30 PM ON RELEASE DAY! THANK YOU! KEEP STREAMING! WE LOVE YOU! #onlythepoets #everysongieverwrote ♬ Every Song I Ever Wrote – Only The Poets

“I love, I love, I loved you”

We are complete and utter suckers for clever lyrical nuances in music. Tiny flickers of lyrical pain that kick you in the gut with their change in meaning. And so many of our favorite artists play with this, such as Ashe in ‘Moral Of The Story,’ Little Mix in ‘Good Enough,’ and Olivia Rodrigo in ‘hope ur ok.’ Only the Poets chew up and spit out this storytelling concept in ‘Every Song I Ever Wrote’ and it leaves us wanting to wrap ourselves in a blanket, eat pastry, and weep.

The chorus progression gives us the soaring lyric “I love, I love, I loved you.” The flicker from love in the present tense to love in the past tense, signaling the end of that love, absolutely has us in an emotional chokehold. This truly stunning lyricism has us staring at our ceiling for hours. As Tommy said every night on tour, this song really is for everyone who has ever had their heartbroken.

Same, Alisa, same.

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“Now goooooo!”

We know this song means a lot to OTP, so obviously, it means a lot to us too! Tommy recently shared on an Insta Live that this is probably his favorite song to perform; and he swooned with pride over it, as he should! We’re so glad that we can finally crank up the volume and blast ‘Every Song I Ever Wrote.’ It’s only fair that our neighbors get to hear it too, it’s basically a public service.

Plus, every time we hear that soul-tickling “Now gooooooo,” we’re immediately transported back to thousands of fans screaming it in 5 different keys, on tour. A magical moment for all OTP fans (Are we calling ourselves “Poets” as the fandom name btw?). And that incredible atmosphere is due to be center stage when Only The Poets drop the ‘Every Song I Ever Wrote’ music video! No news yet on when that will be, but we’re just as antsy as you are, and we’ll keep you in the loop! We’ll be trying to spot ourselves in the crowd!

Image Source: Only The Poets via Twitter

We hope you’re streaming ‘Every Song I Ever Wrote’ as if your lives depend on it. We are. In fact, you know what? Do it again right here! Go, we’ll wait.

What do you love about OTP? Did you see them on tour? Are you going to their headline tour? Have a tattoo design idea for Tommy? We want to know it all! We’re a bit ‘Emotional’ over here! Get in touch with us on our socials. We spend far too much time on Twitter @thehoneypop, and you can also buzz over to our Facebook and Instagram.


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  • Couldn’t agree more. OTP are (hopefully) going to explode in 2022. Saw them at Truck a few years back & fell in love. They are going to make it.

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