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Get Ready For Cuco’s Upcoming Album, Fantasy Gateway With These Five Tracks

Get Ready For Cuco’s Upcoming Album, Fantasy Gateway With These Five Tracks

Are you looking for a new artist to add to your playlist? You’re in luck; meet singer-songwriter Cuco. The Mexican-American indie artist is one of our favorites at The Honey POP, and we’re so excited to introduce you to his music. Born Omar Banos, Cuco has forged his path in the music scene. The California native is known for experimenting with all types of sounds and styles of music, ranging from psychedelic, and indie-pop to mariachi music.

Three years following his debut album, Para Mí, Cuco is gearing up to release his sophomore album, Fantasy Gateway, due July 22. The indie artist teased fans at Coachella with news of the album being finished and even played a new song off the album. In addition to the new album, Cuco is hitting the road this summer, playing festivals and headlining a U.S. tour.

To celebrate the album announcement and new single, here are five tracks to get ready for Cuco’s forthcoming album!


The first single off Fantasy Gateway ushers in a new era in Cuco’s music, starting with salsa-inspired beats before mixing them with psychedelic synth beats. The singer-songwriter previewed ‘Caution’ during his set at Coachella and received a fantastic response from festival-goers. The song talks about going through mental health issues and not wanting to burden other people with your problems. The music video for the new single is a psychedelic adventure filled with bright colors and trippy visuals that complement the song’s vibe.

‘Summertime Hightime’ feat. J-Kwe$t

Any Cuco fan will tell you that this next song on our list is essential in Cuco’s discography. From his 2018 EP Chiquito, ‘Summertime Hightime’ is an absolute bop and vibe. The 2018 release is a psychedelic lo-fi track and is all about the summertime and just feeling the vibes of being with friends. The music video for the track embodies the song’s vibe with a booming backyard party.

‘Amor de Siempre’

The next song on our list is from Cuco’s 2016 EP wannabewithu. ‘Amor de Siempre’ shows off the romantic side of Cuco. The slow bedroom-pop track is a declaration of love to a special someone and want to remain with them for a long time. The track is also sung in Spanish, which we think makes it even more romantic especially with lyrics like, “Quiero ver esa sonrisa, en mi cama al amanecer / Siempre en mis sueños vi una luz tan tan bonita.” Which translates in English to: “I want to see that smile, in my bed at dawn/  Always in my dreams I saw such a beautiful light.”

‘Bossa No Sé’ feat. Jean Carter

Off Cuco’s debut album Para Mí, ‘Bossa No Sé’ is another essential from the Mexican-American artist. The song is an album stand out, as Cuco mixes his Latin music influences with hip-hop beats. ‘Bossa No Sé’ is about wanting to get over a partner who has screwed you over but still having strong feelings for them despite the hurt. The song’s catchy chorus is easy to sing along to if you’re going through a breakup or not.


The last song on our list is a fun one from Cuco. Also, from his 2018 EP Chiquito, ‘CR-V’ is a hip-hop-inspired track all about a Honda SUV. The track shows off the fun side of the indie artist as he expresses the joy he gets from riding around in his CR-V with his friends. The song is a perfect addition to any playlist. ‘CR-V’ also demonstrates the musical versatility that Cuco possesses.

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We’re so excited to be getting new music from Cuco in the next few months! Until then, we’ll be streaming his latest single, ‘Caution,’ and the rest of his discography. Make sure to check Cuco on tour in a city near you!

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