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Binge-Worthy Buzz: Our Favorite New Shows And Movies Are Here

Binge-Worthy Buzz: Our Favorite New Shows And Movies Are Here

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Hello, honeybees, how are you? Once again, here we are with Binge-Worthy Buzz, our weekly series focused on recommending new shows and movies for you to binge-watch. Shall we get started?


Five words: “based on a true story.” Yep, that’s right, Firebird is a love story set in the 70s during the Cold War. On one side, there’s Sergey, a hopeful soldier who dreams of the end of his military service so he can go to Moscow to be an actor. On the other, there’s Roman, a mysterious pilot assigned to the same base as Sergey.

The unlikely pair forms a friendship that develops into love. Their only problem is that this meant they were committing a crime by the laws of the time. Also, if you do decide to watch it in theaters, just be aware that the movie does have an R rating.


On the complete opposite side of the spectrum of queer relationships in media from Firebird, there’s Heartstopper. If you haven’t heard of Heartstopper in these past few days, we’re sorry, but you’re living under a rock. Netflix’s latest rom-com kind of show has been a success since the day it came out, and we completely get why. It’s a love story between two boys, Nick and Charlie, who are completely happy together.

No tragedies, no hard times they can’t get through, just a happy series about two happy teens in love. Which is exactly why we love it so much, we could honestly spend hours talking about Heartstopper. And the fact that it was based on a series of books just makes it even better, considering how much we love ourselves some sweet readings too.


The Villains of Valley View

Disney Channel’s newest show is going to get us obsessed, we just know it. The Villains of Valley View premieres on Disney Channel on June 3, with new episodes every week. The main character is Havoc, a teenage supervillain who is forced into hiding along with her whole family after she stands up to the head of the League of Villains.

Things don’t go as she planned, and now the family has to move to a quiet Texas suburb and do the one thing no one in the family wanted: pretend to be just another normal family. Now posing as Amy, Havoc has to hide her powers, not draw attention to herself and contain all the villainous urges she’s never had to fight. Sounds easy, right?

Hollywood Stargirl

Yes, we have another Disney creation on the list. No, we’re not sorry about it. Hollywood Stargirl is actually a sequel to the 2020 Disney+ film Stargirl. In the first movie, the main character is shy marching band member Leo, but we do get to meet Stargirl Caraway, the sweetest character we’ve ever seen. Pair that with the movie being a jukebox musical and we were hooked from the start, so you can imagine our delight when we heard Stargirl would get a movie focused solely on her.

After the events of Stargirl, our protagonist is now moving away from Arizona to LA with her mom. In the big city, Stargirl meets an array of unique characters who we can’t wait to meet too, including her neighbor, Mr. Mitchell, brothers Evan and Terell, whose dream is to be filmmakers, and Roxanne Martel, a musician Stargirl admires. Can June 3 please get here faster?

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HBO Max‘s hit show Succession just gained a third season and we are obsessed! Also the soundtrack for season three, by composer Nicholas Britell, recently became available for streaming so we can all relive all the emotions of the season. Don’t worry, we won’t give you spoilers if you haven’t watched the show yet.

What we will say, though, is that you should watch it. The Roy family is at the center of the show, being known for owning a huge entertainment company. Everything seems fine until patriarch Logan Roy decides to step down, therefore making his four children assume the responsibility in his place.

We’ve reached the end of another Binge-Worthy Buzz, and if you’ve enjoyed our list, please consider stopping by our Twitter to chat with us. Or maybe Instagram or Facebook if that’s more your vibe.

Want more things to watch? We got your back!

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