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Sammy Copley’s Songwriting Proves Its Marvel In New Single ‘To The Bone’

Sammy Copley’s Songwriting Proves Its Marvel In New Single ‘To The Bone’

Great music finds its way to our hearts. And memorable songs stay with us long after they’ve stopped playing. Well, Irish singer/songwriter Sammy Copley raised the bet! This soulful rising star bewitched our souls with his new single ‘To The Bone.’ And still, a mere few days after the release, our hearts continue to skip a few beats every time we push play. Pure bliss! Join us as we cover his recent gift to the world of music.

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Endearing Lyrics That Give Us Goosebumps

Be ready to get all the feels! Sammy Copley’s songwriting is the stuff of legend! He truly knows how to write masterpieces… The kind you remember when a sweet memory takes hold. And ‘To The Bone’ is the ultimate example. Simple, relatable, heartfelt. These lyrics speak to our romantic fibers and leave us wanting more.

And I’m so glad that you let me in

You are not a prize for me to win

But with every piece we share

I’m a kid at county fair

And you are the giant teddy bear

Sammy Copley in ‘To The Bone’

A TikTok Sneak Peek That Moved Us To Tears

Sammy Copley shared a short clip on TikTok teasing what became the newly released single ‘To The Bone.’ In his beautifully melodic voice, accompanied by a gentle piano, we could get a first glimpse of a ballad that stole our hearts. And isn’t it lovely when artists share their innermost thoughts while writing a song? So, forever thank you Sammy for this gem!

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cut off by a low battery warning lol anyway this is the cheesiest song i’ve ever written and i think it’s delightful #piano #originalmusic #oldmarriedcouple

♬ old married couple song – sammy copley

A New Single That Reveals Sammy Copley’s Poetic Soul

Along comes the launch of new single ‘To The Bone.’ A crowning release that sums up all the elements we came to love! And may we mention yet again just how much his voice is that of angels? So, we’ll no longer keep you from experiencing this single. Let your day be better by the sound of this treasure song…

Feeling at ease and a bit in love with Sammy Copley’s songwriting? You’re not alone! Share with us your thoughts on this new release in the comments below or via Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. And if you are dying to get first dibs on all things pop culture, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!


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