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10 Of Our Favorite Fan Reactions To BTS’ Announcement Of Proof

10 Of Our Favorite Fan Reactions To BTS’ Announcement Of Proof

We’ve already known BTS are musical legends, but now it’s time for the whole music industry to know it. The boys just announced that they’re dropping an anthology album called Proof on June 10th, and we’re losing our minds! Come on, you can’t blame us. We challenge you to watch the trailer and not get hyped. Difficulty: impossible.

Proof will include not only some of BTS‘ career-defining hits, but also three new songs that we can’t wait to listen to on repeat. And we’re happy to say we’re not the only ARMY absolutely freaking out over this announcement! So let’s take a look at some of the best tweets about the news, because, trust us, there have been some incredible ones. 

First off, we have this sweet edit that’s totally making us emotional! We need to stop watching this so we don’t run out of tears before Proof release day.

We’ll be thoroughly disappointed if the boys don’t put this masterpiece on the album. The lyrics are so thought-provoking and really pull at our heartstrings!

Please join us for a very important manifestation circle 🙏

If you want to customize your profile for the release, check out this thread – these gorgeous headers are the perfect, aesthetically pleasing choice. We love that ARMY has dived right in and started taking inspiration from Proof! Headers like these are such a cool way to bring the fandom together.

Anyone wanna lend us a Jimin bill? We’ll probably go broke buying albums to get all the photocards we want, so a few extra bucks can go a long way.

Nothing brings a fandom together quite like a new album, and Proof is no exception. We already know we’ll be sacrificing plenty of sleep because of all this excitement! 

Who could say no to a cute kitten?! We hope the boys hear our pleas to add ‘Magic Shop’ to the tracklist.

The talent, time, and dedication this must’ve taken absolutely astonishes us. This is such a creative way to honor our Bangtan boys! Where do we buy 384973405 of them for the THP HQ?

This throwback totally isn’t making us cry or anything, why would it be making us cry?

The release of Proof has us crossing our fingers for some kind of epic greatest hits tour or performance, so we think this is the perfect tweet to end our roundup with! 

How did YOU react to the Proof announcement? Have you pre-ordered the album yet? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more BTS content to keep you busy until June, click here.


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