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5 BAEKHYUN Solo Songs That Melt Our Hearts

5 BAEKHYUN Solo Songs That Melt Our Hearts

Bubbly super-vocalist BAEKHYUN has made himself a throne out of all of the songs he’s conquered. When we say his vocals are beautiful, what we mean is they’re heavenly, stunning, impossible to try and emulate, and incredible to listen to. BAEKHYUN is not only a member of EXO, as well as the leader of SuperM – he is a powerful soloist with a discography that delves into R&B, pop, and more.

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We’ve picked a few of our favorite BAEKHYUN solo songs to get you started on loving his artistry just as much as we do!  

‘UN Village’

“UN Village hill
Side by side looking at the moon
You and me relax and chilling, ay, yeah”

BAEKHYUN comes through with a unique and interesting beat alongside his smooth vocals in ‘UN Village.’ The romantic lyrics are just another reason why this song remains at the top of our playlist rotation. Is this one of the first songs we show our friends and family to make them BAEKHYUN stans? You know it. Not to mention he looks super chic in the music video. 


“Every single night
I think of, the sapphire in your eyes
And I’m a scuba diver that swims through that ocean every day
Every time I dive I leave my heart with you
If you like it you can keep it all”

Okay, we’ll just say we listen to this song too many times a week to keep count. ‘Bungee’ is a light and free track with so many interesting elements, including a sample of someone talking like they’re from an old Hollywood movie. We love that little surprise! You can take this song as your sign not to sleep on BAEKHYUN’s b-sides. 


“I selfishly want only myself to be living in this fairytale called you
I sometimes wonder if you know how I feel”

Our queen of a track, ‘Bambi’ is a top favorite among our top favorites. Between the stripped-back guitar and the languid beat, it’s a sexy song and BAEKHYUN suits the style to a T. We aren’t surprised that there’s nothing he can’t do, including hanging from the side of a moving train while belting out his feelings in the pouring rain. Stream ‘Bambi’ for a better life. 


“I’ll become something special
So you’d come to me, yeah”

Please, you already knew this song was going to be listed. That bridge makes our heart jump each time he hits that high note. We are convinced we know the choreography, but we’ll never look as professional as BAEKHYUN actually dancing to this song. If you need to hear BAEKHYUN say “Girl, I’m your candy,” then press play right now. 

‘Amusement Park’

“A wonderful parade for the two
I am your amusement park”

An underrated and gorgeously sweet song with a music video in front of a merry-go-round. How did he know exactly the aesthetic we wanted? The lyrics are adorable and he even talks about churros. BAEKHYUN, you’ve managed to steal our hearts all over again with this one!

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Aren’t BAEKHYUN’s songs amazing? There are so many more, too, so be sure to listen to his entire discography – it’s so good that we really have to recommend everything he has ever made. And now you’re on your way to stanning one of the best vocalists in the entire world! 

EXO-Ls, what are your favorite BAEKHYUN solo songs? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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