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We’re ‘Daydreaming’ Over Harry Styles’ Love On Tour 2.0 Residency!

We’re ‘Daydreaming’ Over Harry Styles’ Love On Tour 2.0 Residency!

Harry Styles – Resident. No, not like the Grey’s Anatomy type resident, although we would give you our life savings to see that! Nope, we’re talking musical residency! Harry Styles has just announced he’s taking Love On Tour back out across North America again, with a special iconic venue tour for 2022, all in support of his upcoming third album, Harry’s House! And we’ve got all the details for you!

Following in the footsteps of so many that have come before him, like bestie Shania Twain with her The Las Vegas Residency, and Adele with her (hopefully) soon-to-be Vegas residency; Harry is turning grand venues across North America, into his home away from home. We need a Red Bull just thinking about these plans!

Image Source: Tenor

We’re (late night) talking about both the iconic Madison Square Garden and Kia Forum, both being turned into Harry’s House for 10 nights each!! We had to pause to let that properly sink in! And he’s got some friends coming with him! A musical charcuterie board of talented support acts – Madi Diaz, Blood Orange, Gabriels, Jessie Ware, and Ben Harper. We’re already in love with so many of these artists, and we can’t wait to get to know them all even more!

This newly announced 32 show North American tour will see Harry Styles bring his house to five iconic North American venues. Here’s the scoop:

Image Source: Courtesy of Columbia
  • Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada, will be the first to get the Harry’s House treatment, with two nights on August 15 and 16, and we are so psyched that Canadian Harries have finally got some tour dates!
  • Then the Harry U-haul packs up and heads over to New York, for a 10-night residency at MSG! Kicking off on Aug 28, through to Sep 21.
  • Howdy Texas, you’re up next! Harry’s House will be bedding down at the Mood Center in Austin, from September 25 till October 2.
  • Here’s hoping for some strong foundations on this house, as Harry blows into the windy city, for five at Chicago’s United Center, from October 6 to October 14.
  • And then it’s Harry return to LA, as he brings his brand new album back to where the Fine Line era began! The Kia Forum, for another 10-night residency, from October 31 (shall we start our costume ideas now or?) till November 15!
  • Harry will then finally make his way over to Europe, as he starts the postponed leg of HSLOT. Kicking off in Glasgow on June 11 (Yes, we’re going!)
The Setlist – Nope, We Can’t Let Our Brains Go There Right Now.

All of this, and we haven’t even begun to consider the setlist! After the recent reveal of the Harry’s House tracklist, and with this tour supporting the new album, our heads our whirling with the possibilities! As we write this, we have no idea what these songs will sound like as studio versions, never mind live! Have we ever been in this position as a fandom before? It’s making us itchy with anticipation! What if there’s a new finale song? No, okay, actually, just don’t go there, trust us. Now we’re crying into our tea. Mom, can you come pick us up, we’re scared!?

Image Source: Amy Marie (@amymariephoto)

But wait, how do we get tickets?! Well, we’ve tried to put this into simple terms, all in one place. Consider us your HSLOT ticket life coaches!

Tickets: When, How, Where?
Ticketmaster Verified Fan Presale

Registration for Ticketmaster Verified Fan presale is open now, right here, until Thursday, May 19 at 10pm ET. If you’re then lucky enough to receive a code, you can run to the ticket queue before the general public, on Wednesday, May 25th starting at 12pm local time.

American Express Card Members Presale (USA)

Have an AmEx card? You guessed it! You can register for presale too! US AmEx card customers can register for American Express Early Access, between May 5th at 3pm ET and May 19th at 10pm ET, and may get access to the presale starting May 24th. Oh, so many dates! Are you writing this down? Go get a pen!

American Express Card Members Presale (Canada)

Canadian American Express Card Members in Canada will have access to “Front of Line” presale tickets for Harry’s Toronto dates. Set your alarms for Tuesday, May 24th at 12pm local time to 10pm local time, it’s a short window!!

General Public Ticket Sale

And of course, general tickets will be live from May 26th at 12pm local time on Harry’s website!

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It really is just Harry Styles’ world and we live in it. Never failing to surprise us all, we’re constantly wondering what he has up his sleeve! We must say, we didn’t have this on our 2022 bingo sheet! But with the final countdown to the release of Harry’s House now underway, we’re quickly reminded to never underestimate Mr. Harry Styles. Have you presaved Harry’s House? Are you streaming the record-breaking ‘As It Was?‘ Jokes, of course you are! Harry lives just as much in your minds rent-free, as he does ours here at THP HQ. And with that, we are going to go lie down, stare at a wall, and contemplate the rollercoaster of emotions that today has been. Music residency! King sh*t! What a day!

What will Harry’s House on tour look like? Will there be a sofa on stage? You never know! Answers on a postcode on our Twitter @thehoneypop. Planning to head to HSLOT 2022? Maybe we’ll see you there! Maybe there’s a ‘Grapejuice’ with your name on it! Let us know on Facebook and Instagram.


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