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The Rose Are Hinting At New Music And A World Tour And We Can’t Keep Calm

The Rose Are Hinting At New Music And A World Tour And We Can’t Keep Calm

After making history as the first K-Pop group on Discord, the phenomenal pop-rock band The Rose, composed of members Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong, held an AMA—Ask Me Anything—on the platform and shared some hints about new music and their hope for a world tour!

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Once The Rose announced their new Discord, all over the world their fans, known as Black Rose, either joined their server or signed up for Discord for the first time to be a part of the new community. Were we one of them? Of course! They are a globally popular group for a reason, and another one we can add to the endlessly growing list is their innovation. 

Discord is a free-to-use messaging platform and now Black Roses can chat with other fans and even the band members when they pop in from time to time—which is more often than you may think!

The Rose held their AMA on May 3rd and a few interesting tidbits of information were discussed. We’ll start with the most important first: 

Dojoon’s favorite dish at Intercrew in LA is a Caesar salad. Surprised? So was Woosung. We know, we truly give you hard-hitting journalism here. Okay, now let’s really dive into the exciting part. Buckle up, Black Rose, you’re in for a ride!

We’ve all waited patiently and the time has finally come. The Rose shared their general outline for releasing new music and touring! While everything the band discussed is still subject to change, we are hoping everything stays right on course. All right, let’s follow their “road map!”

Hints At New Album & World Tour

During the AMA, Woosung had this exciting teaser to give fans about upcoming music:

It’s gonna be a full album. We have a name, but we’re not gonna say it right now. I can’t give you the first letter—It’s four letters.

– Woosung

Begin your theories on the album name in the comments below 👀.  A bit later, The Rose was asked about their “road map” and Black Roses received an exciting answer!

My solo tour will end around June-ish, end of June-ish, then I’ll be in Korea and reunite with all the members. We’re gonna hang out, start the album in Korea, write songs—around August-ish, we’re gonna fly to America, get a studio in the desert, get a studio there, then we’ll release the album in October/November—then go on a world tour, meet our fans finally, will be around the three year mark—if we start in November it’ll be around three years.

– Woosung

Then we lost our cool and we think all Black Roses can relate. It’s clear The Rose are just as excited to get back to meeting their fans in person as Black Roses are to meet them again too and we can’t wait for the reunion!

MOTH EP Showcase

Image Source: Woosung Official Twitter

Woosung will start his headlining tour on May 15th in Amsterdam and end in Vancouver on June 6th for his new album titled MOTH which will be released on May 13. Grab your tickets if they are still available near you, most dates are sold out already! Also, you can—and should—pre-save MOTH digitally or order a physical copy, so be sure to reserve your album today. Woosung has dropped a few hints about his album on Discord so head on over there for more MOTH crumbs. 

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Their AMA brought up a lot of fun new revelations and we are definitely staying tuned for their next one. Who knows, maybe Dojoon will tell us even more dishes he loves! Once again, none of these ideas are set in stone just yet, but we are still incredibly delighted to hear The Rose sharing what they’re crafting behind the scenes.

While you wait for The Rose’s exciting year to unfold, watch the MV for their latest amazing single ‘Beauty and the Beast!’ 

Hold on, give our eyes a second to adjust to the hearts in them. It’s been quite a journey to get here and we can’t wait to see everything The Rose has in store. From being trailblazers as the first K-Pop group on Discord to their “road map” for an album and a tour, The Rose is already set to take over this year. Now, go jump back into their Discord chat, it’s a party there!

Black Rose, have you joined The Rose’s Discord? What do you think their upcoming album will be titled? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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