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Dermot Kennedy Reminds Us We’re Loved On ‘Something To Someone’

Dermot Kennedy Reminds Us We’re Loved On ‘Something To Someone’

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Dermot Kennedy has returned with his signature raspy vocals and raw talent and we can’t get enough! His new single, ‘Something To Someone’ just came out and we are obsessed with the heartfelt message behind the song and its vulnerable lyrics.

As an artist with a jaw-dropping voice that drips with personality and soul-deep emotion, Dermot Kennedy has been one of our faves from the beginning of his career. This latest installment in his flawless discography is just another piece of proof that he is here to stay.

‘Something To Someone’ is his first single since ‘Better Days’ in 2021!

The Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘Something To Someone’ live up to Dermot’s track record of songs that are literal poetry.

He sings, “there’s lessons in love sometimes / the heart is but a winding road / so the story goes,” as the song opens over a pulsing beat.

Image Source: Courtesy of Dermot Kennedy via Island Records UK/Interscope

The chorus kicks off with “once upon a time, you were by my side / I wish I could have known / that I should hold on tight / to every single word / to every summer night.”

His honest delivery and raw emotion draws us in right away and we’re transported into memories. This song, like all of Dermot’s catalog, is intensely relatable, and each lyric soaks through like rain on a denim jacket.

Through each “once upon a time, I was something to someone,” the listener is reminded of the power of love and music and friendship and connection.

The Message

“What a comforting thought it is to know that no matter what you endure, no matter how lonely the world may seem, you’re still on somebody’s mind. I want this song to be a reminder that you are loved.”

Dermot Kennedy

Dermot confirmed the heartwarming message behind this song in a statement on Instagram, where he said he hopes that ‘Something To Someone’ serves as a reminder to everyone that you are loved.

This concept is so beautiful and touching. In big and small ways, we are all something to someone all the time, even strangers. It’s important to remind ourselves of that and to remember that we all matter in our own unique and individual ways.

Nothing portrays this better than the lyric video, which showcases Dermot placing cards around the city with lyrics on them.

See Also

You can catch Dermot Kennedy on tour this year on a leg of headlining shows in the US from July through September, as well as support for Shawn Mendes on Wonder: The World Tour through August. Prior to his stint in the States, he’ll be headlining shows across Australia, Ireland, and the UK! Basically, there are a ton of great opportunities to see Dermot’s musical magic IRL.

Stream ‘Something To Someone’ here!

Grab tickets to see Dermot live here!

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