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Bad Bunny Kicks Off Summer With Un Verano Sin Ti

Bad Bunny Kicks Off Summer With Un Verano Sin Ti

If anyone is having a killer 2022, it must be Latin music heavyweight Bad Bunny. From kicking off the year headlining his sold-out EL ÚLTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO tour, picking up a few Latin GRAMMYs, to attending the MET Gala and being cast as the first Latino character, “El Muerto,” to headline a Marvel film. We can’t forget that Bad Bunny is sharing the screen with Brad Pitt in the forthcoming movie Bullet Train.

El Conejo Malo is keeping the momentum with new music. His latest project Un Verano Sin Ti is the Puerto Rican’s most eclectic and diverse work. In addition, Bad Bunny tells Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that this is his happiest work to date. Sonically, the album takes inspiration from Bad Bunny’s home country Puerto Rico and the sounds of the Caribbean.

“This album is an idea that I have two years ago. I think people is thinking that it is going to be a sad album, but it’s not a sad album. It’s a good vibe. Party, happy. Happy. I think it’s the happiest album of my career…when I get a good idea that I want to work in the future, I hold it until that moment.”

Bad Bunny in conversation with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1

We have to admit Benito created the album of the summer with Un Verano Sin Ti, and you best believe we’ll be playing this album all summer long. To celebrate the release of Bad Bunny’s latest album, here are some of our top tracks from Un Verano Sin Ti.

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‘Después de la Playa’

The second song off Un Verano Sin Ti showcases Bad Bunny celebrating the culture of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in ‘Después de la Playa.’ The electrifying track starts with a slow synth beat before picking up the tempo. *Cardi B voice* WHO WANTS TO DANCE MERENGUE?! The switch to merengue brings all the feel-good summer vibes, dancing with family, and pure joy. This song will have you dancing in a matter of seconds, and we can’t get enough of this track.

‘Tití Me Preguntó’

The next song on our list is another absolute bop from El Conejo Malo. ‘Tití Me Preguntó’ is filled with enormous energy. The heavy reggaetón track is laced with tropical and Caribbean music elements. ‘Tití Me Preguntó’ is a fun track with the Puerto Rico native rapping about how his tití—slang for aunt in Puerto Rico—asks him if he has a lot of girlfriends. To which the rapper responds with a whole story about his love life.

‘Tarot’ feat. Jhay Cortez

A song called ‘Tarot?’ You best believe we’re tuning in. This track marks the third time Bad Bunny teams up with Jhay Cortez, and it does not disappoint. ‘Tarot’ follows suit of ‘Dákiti,’ as the duo continues the club banger route with this new track. Lyrically, Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez talk about finding luck in love and that the girl gets what she deserves. Which is fitting for a song titled ‘Tarot.’

‘Party’ feat. Rauw Alejandro

When two of the biggest names in Latin music come together, it’s bound to be a ‘Party.’ Bad Bunny recruits fellow Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro for this track. ‘Party’ is a sensual reggaetón track where the artists describe explicit things that can be done at an after-party. Bad Bunny samples a recording from Javis Germoso, a well-known social media personality from the Dominican Republic, at the end of the track. He even teased a few lines, “Ay, ay, la vida/ ¿Quién entiende estas cosas? ¿Quién la’ entiende,” while getting ready for the MET Gala.

‘El Apagón’

This next one should be on everyone’s playlist. ‘El Apagón’ has Bad Bunny flexing about Puerto Rico and the pride he has for his home country. He raps, “Aquí el calor es diferente, el sol es taíno (Tss, ah), ey / La capital del perreo, ahora todos quieren ser latino’ (Nah, ey; ¡no, no, no!), no, ey.” The lines talk about how the heat in Puerto Rico feels different and that the island is the origin of the perrero and throws shade at those trying to be Latino. The track is heavily influenced by EDM and is perfect for any summer party. The outro of ‘El Apagón’ features vocals from Bad Bunny’s girlfriend, Gabriela, who has made appearances in the rapper’s music.

‘Otro Atardecer’ feat. The Marías

When we first saw the tracklist for Un Verano Sin Ti, we were so excited to see The Marías making a feature. We didn’t know we needed this collaboration until listening to these two artists unite their music styles effortlessly into one track. The soothing voice of frontwoman María Zardoya in harmony with Benito’s low singing voice is just a match made in heaven. ‘Otro Atardecer’ is all about wanting to reunite with a past love and wanting to recreate those moments again. We can’t get enough of the chill vibes from this track!

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‘Me Fui de Vacaciones’

The last track on our list, ‘Me Fui de Vacaciones,’ is all about Bad Bunny going on vacation. And we can’t help but dream about wanting to join Benito on a tropical vacation.  The track takes inspiration from reggae music, giving it vacation vibes. The song makes us want to book a flight to a beachy town to have some fun in the sun and a drink or two.

To be honest, all 23 tracks from Un Verano Sin Ti are standouts, so you can imagine how hard it was for us to choose favorites. Make sure to catch Bad Bunny on-screen with Brad Pitt in Bullet Train later this year. Also, check out his World’s Hottest stadium tour this summer to experience these tracks live. Add, download, and stream Un Verano Sin Ti; you will not regret it!

Which track from Un Verano Sin Ti caught your attention? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP. Also, check us out on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things pop culture.

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