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TXT’s Media Showcase Really Showed Us The ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’

TXT’s Media Showcase Really Showed Us The ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’

K-pop-loving honey bees, it is time again for a new and absolutely amazing release to celebrate! TXT just dropped their minisode 2: Thursday’s Child and we cannot stop listing to this mini! TXT absolutely outdid themselves last year with their music and gave us rock-pop jams. This time around they offer us a hardcore hip hop track with rock sounds, aka ‘Good Boy Gone Bad.’ We had the amazing opportunity to attend their media showcase prior to the album’s release and let us tell you. We. Were. Crying.

We are avid MoAs, so to get to be there and see the boys perform this song absolutely made our lives, especially because minisode 2 is such a special and unique album! But let’s not make you wait any longer and let us tell you about the amazing media showcase, because we died a bit there!

Image Source: @choiyeonjuns on Tumblr

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First of all, we got to stare at the boys taking absolutely pretty pictures. How are the boys real? How can they look like that?! This ‘GBGB’ era (as the boys lovingly call it) is about to make us lose it! Right after the photo session, the boys went in for a triple kill performing ‘Good Boys Gone Bad’ for us, showing us the music video for it, and then suddenly hitting us with a live performance of ‘Trust Fund Baby.’ Yes, we were dead after that! Tissues were passed around.

Image Source: Big Hit Music

Luckily, we had the chance to recover for a couple of seconds before the best part of the showcase started! TXT invited us to listen to them gushing about what they are best at: music. After Soobin greeted us and thanked us all for coming (don’t worry, Soobin, we’d follow you to the ends of the world) he went on to tell us about this minisode. Thursday’s Child is the first installment of their new series after they finished the Chaos series. The boy who fell in love before is now going through a really hard breakup and grows up into a man. Therefore, ‘Good Boy Gone Bad‘ offers us a new type of breakup song. Unlike other break-up songs – which tend to be sad ballads – this one goes hard and is absolutely perfect to experience all the rage that comes along with break-ups. The boys really made sure that this rage and anger shone through their performance. We love angry TXT!

Image Source: Big Hit Music

TXT made sure to inform us that they want to make this the new type of Gen Z break-up song sound and we are here for it. Especially Yeonjun‘s laugh is a true stand-out in ‘GBGB.’ He himself said he felt it was a bit weird and creepy to do but it was all him and it makes for an actual cool killing part of a song! ‘GBGB’ really shows us a new darker side to the boys and it looks great on them!

Taehyun underlined how meaningful this album is for them since all the members had a chance to take part in the making of this album, and honestly? This is why we love this album that extra bit more as well! Yeonjun had the chance to help with the rap making in the title song and made sure to reference their previous titles as well. Lines like “I killed it myself, fall headfirst with broken wings” refer right back to ‘LOSER=LOVER’ and we love his mind and this consistent world-building!

‘Trust Fund Baby’ is another of the boys’ favorites, Taehyun kind of snapped here with the lyrics! He said he really felt the mood and theme of the song. Gen Z feels like we are not allowed to love if we are poor and that will resonate with everyone at some point. The line “There’s no “game over” in their lives” especially is important to Taehyun as it was inspired by his video game habits and he feels like it is something everyone can relate to. And that MoAs is why we love TXT’s music so much, right? We love relatable topics and themes especially when they sound this catchy.

Besides the boys partaking in the album, there is something else special about this album. We finally got unit songs! With ‘Lonely Boy’ and ‘Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go,’ the boys split into two groups. Huening Kai and Yeonjun teaming up for the contemporary RnB song ‘Lonely Boy’ and the rest – Beomgyu, Soobin, and Taehyun – come together for the retro synth banger ‘Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go.’ The boys said even if they teamed up according to their musical styles, it was still awkward for them to record songs that were not sung by all five of them together. But Kai made sure to visit the ‘Thursday’s Child’ group while they were recording to make it feel less awkward.

About ‘Lonely Boy’ though, Huening Kai mentioned how he loves how relatable the song is as it is about the boy looking at his matching tattoo with his ex-girlfriend on his ring finger and feeling pain. He wanted to really transport this feeling of being hurt about something that was supposed to be happy to the listener and he mentioned, as many people are getting tattoos these days they will relate.

Image Source: Big Hit Music

Beomgyu took part in producing ‘Thursdays Child Has Gone So Far’ and may we say it’s a banger? Soobin explained that they combined the theme of #breakupglowup and the Mother Goose nursery rhyme called Thursday’s Child. With this song, they intended to express going on a new path and give us and anyone being in pain the opportunity to shake off all of the pain from the previous four songs. As for Beomgyu producing the song, he said he just felt really lucky the members did so well on the song and he felt so glad to be able to do this for them. He absolutely loved it and so did we!

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Well, that left us with just hearing the boys answer some questions from other outlets and then crying because they left the stage. We feel empty and miss them already. However, we hope Thursday’s Child will be as successful as all of TXT’s previous albums because it is a great one. As Taehyun said, their voices really suit this type of music, and “rock never dies!”

We are sure TXT has so much more coming for us this year. How do you feel about ‘Good Boys Gone Bad?’ What’s your favorite song on the album? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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