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WOODZ Drops Rock EP, Colorful Trauma

WOODZ Drops Rock EP, Colorful Trauma

Woodz Rock Album Colorful Trauma

We think it’s safe to say that pop-rock/pop-punk is making a comeback and Woodz’s new EP, Colorful Trauma confirms it. It kind of feels like we should’ve seen this coming. Avril Lavigne made a return to the music scene last year and SEVENTEEN’s last mini-album, Attacca primarily had a rock sound to it. We saw Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Good 4 U’, with pop-rock elements, take over the internet and WILLOW has even dipped into the rock scene herself. Rock–or pop-rock–is back, and we are loving it. Clearly, Woodz is too 😉.

Woodz Hates Us 🤕

Just kidding, no he doesn’t. But the title track for this EP, Colorful Trauma, is titled ‘I hate you,’ and it is (k)pop-rock perfection. We honestly never thought we’d see Woodz’s emo era, but he is absolutely devouring. Let’s take a look at the music video so you can see what we’re talking about.

A few things: first, this music video is nothing short of colorful, so the EP has definitely been titled correctly. Second, it seems as though multiple artists have been getting their hearts broken and are now wishing their ex-partners well (sarcastically, we might add) and hoping they’re doing better without them. Olivia Rodrigo, as previously mentioned, did this in ‘Good 4 U,’ Seventeen’s Joshua and Vernon had similar feelings in ‘2 MINUS 1,’ and Woodz is seemingly the next in line to have to wish his former lover well…a little bit aggressively.

It seems like Woodz couldn’t be bothered, though; there are no tears to be seen in this music video, so hey! That’s great! He even sings, “I don’t have to suffer because of you/I have no tears to shed for you” …dang. Are we sure it’s Woodz that needs to be checked on?

This takes place mostly in what appears to be a museum (an empty one), but we also see him in a freight elevator and outside (on a roof…?) with a bunch of stacked plastic chairs. To seal the deal on this pop-rock anthem, a band accompanies him while he sings, and they’re pretty present throughout the music video as well. The fashion is sublime, and Woodz looks good as per usual…even in that weird bubble thing he’s wearing. Despite Woodz enduring heartbreak, he seems to be enjoying himself!

The Colorful Trauma B-Sides

Okay, now we get to unpack the 4 b-sides that accompany ‘I hate you.’ Strap in, everyone.

1. ‘Dirt on my leather’

Wow, what a way to start this album. From the first second, we hear those electric guitars, Woodz transports us back to the age of classic rock-and-roll and metal. The AC/DC and Metallica vibes are immaculate; Woodz never misses. Additionally, this song is entirely in English, which is pretty dope if we do say so ourselves. The only thing we don’t like is that it’s far too short! Hopefully, Woodz lets us hear an extended version someday!


The second track on this EP still maintains a rock sound, but combines it with electronic percussion beats, giving it a bit more of a hip-hop feel. It’s certainly a unique sound, but we’re honestly loving it. We also love hearing Woodz dip into some rapping too (blown away, truly). His resume is packed with his talent. We also get the slightest bit of Fall Out Boy vibes from this track, like from the American Beauty/American Psycho album. We’re sure Moodz are grateful that he released this song after performing it at the Asian Artist Awards!

3. ‘Better And Better’

Now we arrive at the fourth track, ‘Better and Better.’ This song provides a lighter sound, as it is an ode to Moodz from Woodz. The lyrics are so sweet, and we can tell that he loves his fans so much. This fan explains it quite well!

Were we sobbing while listening to the song and reading the lyrics? Maybe…maybe not. Bottom line: we appreciate and love Woodz, and this song will forever be in our hearts. Pass the tissues please, we’re listening to it again…

4. ‘Hope To Be Like You’

Lastly, we have ‘Hope To Be Like You’ to close the album out. It’s honestly such a great way to end the album. It has a more acoustic sound, which we love (listen, we love everything Woodz does). Plus, the harmonies woven throughout the song are heavenly, we can’t get enough of them. This is also another break-up song (like ‘I hate you’) but it’s more wistful, and it seems that there is still some love there, along with regret 😢. It’s definitely a good song to listen to after a hard day’s work, though, as it is a very calming song. Thank you, Woodz!

A Colorful Masterpiece

Woodz, thank you for blessing our lives with this amazing album, and for validating our emo phases. If you still need any hugs after your heartbreak, please let us know. We’ll gladly supply you with them.

Moodz! Now you have to tell us your favorite track, or if Woodz single-handedly pushed you into your emo phase too. It’s so easy, you can let us know in the comments, or on our Twitter, @thehoneypop, Instagram, or Facebook. In the meantime, we’ll still be sobbing over ‘Better and Better.’

Woodz New Rock EP
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