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Harry Styles Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of ‘As It Was’ And We Ask For More!

Harry Styles Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of ‘As It Was’ And We Ask For More!

We have only ten days left before we can finally hear Harry’s House. Finallyyyyy. The lead single ‘As It Was,’ released on the 1st of April, has clearly put us in a very happy mood and made the wait even more exciting. To celebrate his track that just went platinum (a king indeed!), or maybe just to make us happy (because he *adores us*), Harry just released the behind-the-scenes of the ‘As It Was’ music video and it leaves us wanting even more!

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Harry takes us into the hyper-relaxed and colorful universe of his latest video. How do we describe him? Silly? Funny? Enthusiastic? True to himself? We see him as we imagine him every day: playful and hard-working.

This behind-the-scenes look shows that Harry is truly friendly with everyone. At the end of shooting, he doesn’t hesitate to warmly thank the team including the director of the clip, the Ukrainian Tanu Muino – Tanu is also behind the videos for ‘MONTERO’ by Lil Nas X and ‘Up’ by Cardi B. To sum it up, Harry, all smiles, makes us smile until the end of the day. Where do we sign up to be part of his next video?!

Harry Is The Music Video Master

All these effects with the shapes, the movements, and the colors… We’re still not over all that stunning red in the video (clearly, it’s Harry’s color). The clip is a real work of art!

The revolving platform is definitely the key of the video. It sums up exactly what the lyrics say and illustrates the time that passes without us being able to do anything about it. Oh, and we ask by common agreement between the whole world that Harry dances more in his videos.

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What’s Next For Our Golden King?

Maybe we just got a whole bunch of great content, but in a corner of our mind, we can’t forget those pictures that were taken on the set of his next new video. Harry is still planning to impress us with his total artistic freedom.

Do you remember seeing Harry fly in his debut solo video? In ‘Sign of The Times,’ right? Well, our beloved singer is ready to blow us away again.

We saw him flying, hanging from a harness, wearing a bodysuit covered with sequins and feathered wings, all in a bright yellow. We clearly can’t wait to see the result. Rumor has it that the video is for a track that would serve as a third promotional single…

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Considering the impressive device that surrounded the shooting, Harry seems determined to impress us. We hope that we will be treated to a BTS to see all the little details of his creation.

In the meantime, we hope that the clip of ‘Late Night Talking,’ which was filmed in February in front of Buckingham, where we saw Harry in a retro outfit on a bed, will be released this Friday… please? Anyway, the new Harry Styles era is about to begin! Set your alarms, the album will be released on May 20th.

Do you think we’re gonna have new Harry music on Friday? What’s your favorite music video he’s made so far? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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