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Sam Smith Has Emotionally Destroyed Us Yet Again, This Time With ‘Love Me More!’

Sam Smith Has Emotionally Destroyed Us Yet Again, This Time With ‘Love Me More!’

The time has come yet again where Sam Smith takes our heart and stomps on it, but with love. Every time they write a new song, we’re immediately broken. We don’t even need to hear the song before we are emotionally destroyed by Sam Smith. Every single time. It’s almost like that’s their goal. (Sam, if it is, we salute you!)

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This song is truly one of their best. We definitely don’t say that about all of their songs. ‘Love Me More’ has every member of The Honey POP laying on the floor, emotionally unwell. It’s like a big puddle of sad fans. Who all love Sam Smith. Let’s talk about why this song is amazing because, well, it’s kinda what we do here.

These Lyrics? Better Than Anything Ever.

If you’re a regular here at The Honey POP, you know we love lyrics. It’s almost like our little trademark. We live and breathe the lyrics of all of our favorite songs, and ‘Love Me More’ is no different. The lyrics in this song are so… (We can’t think of the words to describe them, so just trust us!)

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  • It used to burn / Every insult, every word / But it helped me learn / Self-worth I had to earn.” Sam Smith is a lyrical genius.
  • I used to cry / Myself to sleep at night / I’d blame the sky / When the mess was in my mind.” POV: The Honey POP staff is crying on the floor.
  • Have you ever felt like being somebody else? / Feeling like the mirror isn’t good for your health.” You didn’t have to call us by name, Sam.

POV: We’re Laying On The Office Floor

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This song truly broke every member of our staff. We’ve all been walking into walls trying to function since the release. It’s such a good song, even though we haven’t stopped crying. Sam truly has a gift, and we’re so glad they always share it with us.

‘Love Me More’ is an emotional masterpiece, and if you haven’t streamed it already, what are you doing? This track has us questioning our sanity, but in a good way! (So what if we were already questioning it? We’re blaming this amazing song instead.)

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How many times have you listened to this new Sam Smith track? Are you as obsessed as we are? What’s your favorite lyric of ‘Love Me More?’ Do you think we could be getting an album? Let us know down below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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