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Get The Confetti Ready For Little Mix’s Final Show!

Get The Confetti Ready For Little Mix’s Final Show!

Little Mix Last Show (...For Now)

Yes, Mixers, you read that right. Little Mix has announced their last show…for now. And yes, even though they added the “…for now” at the end there, we’re still super sad. We just can’t believe The Confetti Tour is coming to an end 😔.

Now hold on, let’s unpack that “(…for now).” We’ve known that Little Mix will be taking a hiatus as a group to focus on their solo endeavors since they announced it last year. It still doesn’t feel real, but they will be going all out for this last show. This is your last chance to see them perform together before their group hiatus, so you don’t want to miss it!

Little Mix Last Show (...For Now)
GIF Source via Tenor

The Deets 📲

Okay, let’s break down the who, what, when, where, why (and how). First is the who: obviously Little Mix. Next is the what: their final concert before they take a hiatus. When? That’s the million-dollar question. The last show (…for now) takes place on May 14th at 8 PM British Standard Time (BST). Livestreams of the concert will also start then, and the encore showings will be the next day, May 15th. Now, where is this taking place? The O2 Arena in London and via live stream at the times we mentioned before. Why? Well…you know why 😔. Lastly, how? You can buy the live stream tickets right here at £13.00 GBP ($17 USD, €15.50 Euro, and $23.00 AUD).

Furthermore, tickets will allow access to replays of the show, but only for 48 hours after the show, in addition to the live stream. Little Mix has also teamed up with two charities to which you can donate when you buy tickets: Child Poverty Action Group and Choose Love. And there you have it!

Curtains are Closing…For Now

So yes, we’re all sad about Little Mix taking a hiatus after this, but at least we have this amazing show to watch that will leave lasting memories. We know that it’s time for the girls to take a break; they’ve been in the game for just over 10 years, and Perrie and Leigh have children now. So maybe it is time for a small break. Jade and Perrie say about this concert:

We wanted to live stream the last show of the tour so that all of our fans around the world have a chance to watch live and be a part of the show with us. It’s so important to us that everyone can share this moment.

Jade Thirlwill on ‘The Last Show (…for now)’

This will be our last show for a while, so it’s going to be super emotional. Will there be tears? Yes! I’m not even sure how we’re gonna get through the show. We love all our fans and are so thankful for their support over the last 11 years. This show is for you.

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After May 14th, we then hold our breath, follow the girls on their solo endeavors and wait for them to return as a group.

Mixers, what about you? What do you all think about this? Are you going to get your ticket or do you have them already? Let us know by leaving a comment or chatting with us on Twitter, @thehoneypop, Instagram, or Facebook! Let’s support the girls and enjoy this show together!

Little Mix Last Show (...For Now)
GIF Source via Tenor


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