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We Got The Music Video For ‘Flowers’ By Lauren Spencer-Smith And We’re Screaming!

We Got The Music Video For ‘Flowers’ By Lauren Spencer-Smith And We’re Screaming!

Before we start rambling on about how much we love Lauren Spencer-Smith, make sure you have your tissues because this song has wrecked us emotionally. While we adore every single one of her songs, this song takes the cake. Now we can finally pair this beautiful song with a cinematic masterpiece of a music video!

This Music Video Is Insane

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If you haven’t watched this video, you need to go do it right now. The actors in this music video made it feel so much more real. Their scenes, paired with Lauren’s voice, have devastated us once more. Everything about this has us falling in love with this track all over again.

The split-screen between the fighting and the aftermath is so unreal! We have had this video on repeat since its release. There are no true words to describe this work of art, so go watch for yourself. Right now. We’ll even give you the link. Now you have no excuse.

Another Round Of Applause For The Song!!

Now we know we’ve already talked about how much we love this song, but we aren’t done. This song has changed our lives. We are new people because this song exists, and because of that, we tip our tissues to Ms. Lauren Spencer-Smith.

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We have decided that this is our cry song. This is the song that we lay on the ground screaming and crying to. It’s the song that we listen to whenever we’ve just read that new book that ended so sadly. ‘Flowers’ by Lauren Spencer-Smith is our new cry song. We don’t make the rules. We just follow them. (Well, we did make this rule.)

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We’re waiting for an album, and we’re waiting for it now. (We didn’t say we were waiting patiently.) Our emotions are ready to be thrown to the wolves. We’ve been feeling blue, and a Lauren Spencer-Smith album is just what the doctor ordered. (It’s us, we’re the doctor.)

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How badly did the ‘Flowers’ music video make you cry? When do you think we’ll be getting an album? What’s your favorite Lauren Spencer Smith song? Let us know down below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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