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Five Tracks From Sabrina Claudio’s ‘Based On A Feeling’ We Need To See On Tour

Five Tracks From Sabrina Claudio’s ‘Based On A Feeling’ We Need To See On Tour

Over the years, R&B songstress Sabrina Claudio has captivated the world with her heavenly vocals and deep lyrics. Here at THP, we absolutely love Claudio’s music, and you can catch us jamming out to her music all the time.

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Two years following her last release, Christmas Blues, Claudio is getting us back into our feels with her latest album, Based on a Feeling. The R&B songstress says her latest masterpiece stems from a promise she made to herself of only making decisions based on feeling love and pure intentions.

I took this idea and allowed it to guide me through the creative process of this album in every single aspect, and I could not be more fulfilled with the final result.

Claudio on her inspiration behind Based on a Feeling

In addition to new music, Claudio is getting ready to go on tour, starting with an appearance at Something in the Water 2022 in Washington D.C. on June 17. We’re so excited to experience Claudio’s new music live on tour.

In honor of Based on a Feeling and Claudio going on tour, here are five tracks from the singer’s new album we want to experience live.

‘Subtle Things’

Based on a Feeling’s opener is a mellow R&B track filled with soft piano melodies and an infectious bass riff. The track showcases Claudio’s heavenly vocals with overlapping harmonies that bring out the chill vibes of this track. As ‘Subtle Things’ opens the album, the track would be a perfect fit to open Claudio’s tour, allowing the track’s ambiance to set the tone for the rest of her set.


This standout track from Based on a Feeling is another song that deserves a spot on our dream setlist. ‘IOU’ reflects a past relationship and the feeling that the love is too good to be true. We can definitely see this heavenly bop transition into one of our favorite Claudio tracks, ‘Stand Still.’

‘Sunset Eyes’

Imagine this Sabrina is finishing singing ‘Too Much Too Late’ and uses its outro to add a little flair to the beginning of ‘Sunset Eyes.’ And we think it would be *chef’s kiss*. This new track from Based on a Feeling matches ‘Too Much Too Late’ vibes as it starts slow and progresses into a semi-fast tempo. In addition, ‘Sunset Eyes’ encapsulates the feeling of understanding that love has died out and reminisces on the moments in the love affair. Claudio really put us in our feelings with this one.

‘Better Version’

If we were to have a favorite track from Based on a Feeling (which would be hard to choose because they’re all so good), it would be ‘Better Version.’ The arrangement for this track has left us with no words because it’s that good. The orchestral arrangement with Claudio’s signature soulful R&B sound brings a fresh look inside the songstress’s musical versatility. In addition, the song talks about imagining a better version of a lover and feeling guilty for wanting a ‘better version.’ Fans would definitely go crazy for this song live.

‘Basic Needs’

The last track on our list is a sensual R&B track that gives off similar vibes to one of Claudio’s most famous tracks, ‘Belong to You.’ It wouldn’t be a bad idea for these to follow each other on a setlist. The track talks about how the narrator is asking for their current (or past) lover if their basic needs are too much to handle while in the relationship. ‘Basic Needs’ is going to be another hit from Claudio—if it hasn’t already become one.

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We’re keeping our fingers crossed and hope to see Sabrina Claudio perform on tour later this year. And if you haven’t already, make sure to secure those tickets for her tour NOW before they’re gone. Also, stream Based on a Feeling!

Which song from Based on a Feeling do you want to see Claudio perform on tour? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP. Also, check us out on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things pop culture.

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