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LIGHTSUM Videos To Stream Ahead Of Into The Light

LIGHTSUM Videos To Stream Ahead Of Into The Light


New K-POP girl group LIGHTSUM is bringing us light in this darkness with their upcoming comeback, Into The LightInto The Light will be the group’s first mini-album, which is very exciting for both them, us and SUMIT. 

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We keep getting closer and closer to their May 24th release. So far we’ve gotten concept pics and the tracklist!

Image Source: Cube Entertainment

In the Tweet for the tracklist, they put a rainbow emoji next to ‘Alive,’ which is the title track (as you can see above), so we’re imagining it will be very bubbly and well…’Alive.’ But, here and now, we’re going to say it, we’re claiming ‘Q,’ so everyone kindly stay back…Anyways, while we’re all waiting for the comeback, we thought about giving LIGHTSUM some streams. So, we’ve put together a little list of videos of the group that we think you should check out while you wait! It keeps you entertained, and if you’re new, it gives you a sense of what the group has to offer. So, let’s get into it!


It almost marks a year since LIGHTSUM made its official debut with ‘Vanilla’ on June 10, 2021. And let us tell you, not only is the track incredibly catchy, but the MV for it is very colorful and bubbly. It’s, all in all, a great debut track and the best first track to stream from the group. We will be holding ‘Vanilla’ on a pedestal for being one of the best debuts.


‘VIVACE,‘ the group’s first comeback, shows off the group’s always-growing talent and shows the difference in music style from the first to the second track. Don’t get us wrong, we love both tracks equally. But, ‘VIVACE’ does have really nice sets, we also couldn’t stop doing the choreo since we first saw it.

‘Kill This Love’

Did we ever think we would be getting a dance cover of BLACKPINK‘s ‘Kill This Love?’ No, but we’re not complaining! The outfits, facial expressions, backdrop, and dim lighting really help convey the vibes of the track perfectly. The cover, in our opinion, also really helps showcase Sangah and Juhyeon’s dancing abilities, which, you know, they have a lot of. We can’t wait to see more dance covers from the duo!

‘Hello Future’ – NCT Dream

Okay, but LIGHTSUM doing a dance cover of NCT Dream’s ‘HELLO FUTURE’ was a brilliant idea. It really helped show off the whole group’s charisma and dance skills. We think NCT Dream and LIGHTSUM’s style and music (what we’ve heard so far), are pretty similar. We would love to see either NCT Dream covering LIGHTSUM now or a full group collaboration between the two!

Image Source: Cube Entertainment

We know there are many more videos we could have you streaming, but this is just the beginning of you streaming LIGHTSUM, and LIGHTSUM’s ever-growing career. We know the group is gonna show up and show off with Into The Light, so we are really, really excited to see what the group will show us next.

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What have you been streaming while you wait? What track are you claiming from Into The Light‘s tracklist? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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