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‘Me Myself & I’ Is The Honey POP’s Song Of The Summer: Confirmed!

‘Me Myself & I’ Is The Honey POP’s Song Of The Summer: Confirmed!

It’s no secret that we here at The Honey POP are huge 5 Seconds of Summer stans, so it makes sense that this release has changed our lives! We have no words for how much we absolutely love ‘Me Myself & I!’ Just kidding, of course we have words, it’s literally our job!

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‘Me Myself & I‘ Has Created Some New Fans Of 5SOS! And Brought Some Old Fans Back?

We’re so excited to see all the love on Twitter for this song, some of which is coming from new stans! If you’re one of those new stans, welcome in, we’re so excited to have you! Nothing has made us happier than the love on this new track, so kudos to all fans, new and old!

On top of gaining some new stans, a lot of old stans felt themselves drawn back to give this band the love they deserve! ‘Me Myself & I’ has truly brought us together! What could be better than a fandom who all agrees 5SOS can not make a bad song? Nothing, nothing is better.

The Guys Are Finally Becoming Their True Artistic Selves!

We know 5SOS’s old songs are absolute bangers, including ‘Heartbreak Girl!’ (Yeah, Calum, we’re talking to you!) Anyway, before we get carried away, this song shows how they’re coming into their true identities and we are here for it! We are so proud of their amazing journey in what we like to call, a ‘musical slaywakening.’ (The name is a work in progress, okay?)

The boys of 5 Seconds of Summer have been telling us for months that this next album is all them, and they meant it. Every song they release just shows us who they truly are and we’re obsessed. It’s like we’re watching them be a whole new band. Guys, stop crying! Snap out of it! (Sorry, The Honey POP HQ got a bit emotional! Carry on!)

What Makes Honey POP Favorite Material?

Well, we are so glad you asked, invisible interview man! What makes a song Honey POP Favorite Material is a few things. We like to call them the ‘3 H’s,’ heart, head, and hypothetical. Heart: did this absolutely destroy our feelings of love? Head: has this song been glued in our heads all day? Hypothetical: can we create hypothetical scenarios about fictional characters to this song?

If the answer to any of these three questions is yes, it’s definitely Honey POP Favorite Material! Did ‘Me Myself & I’ truly fit one of those categories? It did more than that, it fit all of those categories. (Don’t ask what goes on in our heads guys, it’s a lot.)

5 Seconds of Summer, please listen closely. Firstly, hi, let’s be best friends! Secondly, please move up the album date! It’s killing us having to wait! Yeah that’s right readers! 5 Seconds of Summer has announced 5SOS5’s release date as September 23rd! Of course we have you with that pre-order link, click right here!

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How obsessed are you with this new track? Has ‘Me Myself & I’ become the only thing you can think about? What do you think the new album is gonna sound like? Tell us all about it in the comments below, and if you don’t wanna do that, you can always hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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