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Fashion Trends in Camila Cabello’s ‘Hasta Los Dientes’ Music Video

Fashion Trends in Camila Cabello’s ‘Hasta Los Dientes’ Music Video

Concerning the world of fashion, Camila Cabello’s svelte frame comes draped in Atelier Versace and smells like flowers in bloom as the newest face of Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume. Travel a little further to another planet and her alternate still channels the same bravado only in a lilac updo, strutting across a stage holding a modern house. 

It sets the scene for a “Concierto interplanetario,” or yanno, a music video, with the singer’s Spanish hit ‘Hasta Los Dientes’ featuring Maria Becerra roaring to eccentric life after celestial applause. One’s eye can be easily trained on the performance, especially when a hip-thrusting dancer has Camila thrown over his shoulder, but it’s the fashion that has us humans interested, and more so the lessons stitched into its costume threads. 

Ruffled in Lilac 

Image source: Epic Records

The lilac serve we were just talking about, having Miss Camila’s hair swept into an updo with a side fringe shadowing the left side of her face. It’s all high ruffled sleeves that come to a balancing body silhouette’s point through a penguin tale blazer that shows off her bare legs. The laced-up boots play into the strappy trend, most notably being seen through multi-strap shoulder tops and low riding at the pant’s waistband to show off a thong on the runway. However, for our season’s trends 101, this look mostly pulls toward hyper-femininity. Maybe it’s the splatterings of pastel or a modernized gilded fashion. Either way, yes, Camila would’ve stayed on the theme at this year’s Met Gala

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All That Glitters

Image source: Epic Records

If we’re gonna be in space, it makes total sense for the moon and stars to appear halfway through. However, for all the alien viewers at home who are watching the concert through their telescopes, they may just find Camila standing on it barefoot. Her right hand is holding onto it as an anchor, the skirt’s tassels breezing through the sky as she sports a star-centric bralette set. The outfit is a custom-made Iggy Soliven headpiece, stunningly accessorized with MAM face jewelry pieces. Forget those viewers, though, it’s just what we need before she hits the festival circuit. Is anyone else game for some liquid metal? You know, this takes us into our next fashion trend. Metallic has always been around, especially if you’re one for a stylish cocktail dress, but this season we prefer to have our shine through sheen fabrics. 

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Bobbing Through a Neon Haze 

Image source: Epic Records

This time it’s a wig change, having Camilla swap those lilac strands for a neon yellow bob, which matches the solo pale yellow sleeve running up her left arm. If it at all sounds familiar, it’s because it’s not an arm trend but rather a leg trend. David Koma spoiled fashion girlies with a sheer neon blue feathered tights situation accessorized with a cutout skirt for London Fashion Week when he decided to let the model’s other leg go bare. Camila’s look also plays with the two-toned effect by having pink throughout, but most importantly, clashed against the yellow on her bralette.

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‘Hasta Los Dientes’ is the fourth single off of Camila Cabello’s recent album Familia, streaming on all music library platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. Do you have a preference over watching alternate Camila on Mars or our very own here on planet Earth? Let us know after you watch the music video below by using @thehoneypop.



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