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The End Of An Era: Saying Goodbye To Little Mix (For Now…)

The End Of An Era: Saying Goodbye To Little Mix (For Now…)

May 14th is an emotional day for Mixers and girl group stans around the world as Little Mix performs their final show together for a while. Back last year, following their 10th-anniversary celebrations and compilation album Between Us, Jade, Leigh-Anne, and Perrie took to social media to announce that they will be taking a break from the group. With two-thirds of the group now being mothers, it’s understandable that they’ll want to take a step back from the hectic life of being a powerful, historic girl group, but our Mixer hearts are broken and we are very much in mourning. 

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For the past decade, Little Mix has been a girl group who have empowered people across the globe. Besides putting out constant bangers that always took our playlists to the next level, our girls won us over with their captivating personalities, incredible relatability, and iconic friendship. They continued to write the girl group history book, leaving their own impressionable marks on the industry, all while seeming like the kind of gals you’d be besties with at school or work. It’s so easy for artists of their level to have their heads in the clouds or be too serious, but has there ever been a time when they weren’t able to crack a chuckle or two?

Given the fact they were brought together through unusual circumstances via The X Factor, it wouldn’t have been too much of a surprise if they had a lot of clashes, and had a short-lived career, but Little Mix created such a beautiful bond that people who didn’t know their origin story could easy swear they were friends pre-fame. Girl groups don’t have the best rep for longevity, but our girls hit the 10-year mark and we are so beyond proud of them. See? This is another reason why we believe in fate, people. 

While dropping absolute bangers, Little Mix truly made a mark on the music industry. With six albums and one compilation album, the girls have accumulated 14 top 10 singles with four number 1s and were the first girl group to spend 100 weeks on the UK Top 10 Singles Chart, as well as the first girl group in history to reach 80 weeks on the Top 10 UK Official Albums Chart. Though long overdue, last year they became the first girl group in history to win a BRIT Award for Best Group and made such a power move dedicating it to their senior girl groups, the Spice Girls, Sugababes, Girls Aloud, and All Saints. As well as hosting the MTV EMAs back in 2020, Little Mix has won a total of six MTV EMAs. They’ve also scored themselves two world records with ‘Black Magic’ earning the title of the UK’s Biggest Pre-Ordered Single in 2015 and The Get Weird Tour being the highest selling UK arena tour in 2016, selling over 300,000 tickets.

They’re the most-streamed girl group on Spotify of all time with over 7.5 BILLION streams. It was revealed in 2017 that they held the record for the most VEVO-certified videos for a British female artist, as well as the most certified videos for a girl group in total. Not to mention that not even halfway through 2022, our girlies are sitting pretty with over 850 million streams across YouTube and Spotify. QUEEN BEHAVIOR. 

With a powerful platform comes the privilege of having a voice, and Little Mix has always been aware of it. They’ve always found a way to speak up on topics such as LGBTQIA+ rights, gender equality, and the Black Lives Matter movement, to name a few. We’ve seen them write songs in dedication to the queer community and speak up on women’s rights, we’ve witnessed them be fearless as they waved the pride flag in countries where sexuality and gender expression are frowned upon, we’ve watched them march in protests such as the ones in honor of George Floyd back in 2020 as they fight for what’s right.

There’s a belief that artists should stick to their job, but we are so glad that Little Mix has used their impact to educate. It’s shaped so many people, and in turn, has received recognitions such as the Honorary Gay Award from the Attitude Awards and the Change Makers Award at the British LGBT Awards, along with Jade and Leigh-Anne winning the Equality Award at the Ethnicity Awards 2020 for recognition for their work towards racial equality in the UK. 

Being such icons, it’s no surprise that these girls have inspired other artists. They imparted wisdom to their junior girl group, Fifth Harmony, who found fame in a similar story, and have had a lot of love from K-POP girl groups who have looked up to them. Back in 2020, they even had the chance to help kickstart careers of people who admired them through Little Mix: The Search, creating five bands who would compete to win a spot on the Confetti Tour with the girls. Though only one group (our boys Since September) could win, all five groups got exposure as individuals and as groups, with Melladaze and YChange still together making music and many individuals from the show pursuing music careers, thankful for the opportunity Little Mix gave them. We’re so proud!

Though this chapter of the Little Mix story has come to an end, we’ve got faith in the girls still being close and never straying too far from each other, even if their careers branch out in different directions for a while. We know that they’ll be each other’s cheerleaders, streaming each other’s music and rooting for whatever it is the others do, and we will be there supporting them all ’til the very end. And when the day finally comes, we will be ready and waiting for the return of Little Mix. The icons. The queens. The history makers. The soul sisters. The best of friends.

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Are you emotional over Little Mix? What’s your top memory of the girls? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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