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WOOSUNG Soars To New Heights With New EP MOTH

WOOSUNG Soars To New Heights With New EP MOTH

The Rose’s main vocalist and stellar soloist WOOSUNG has dropped his new all-English EP MOTH! His EP consists of four marvelous tracks each with their own distinctive style. We’ll say it, we’re already addicted to MOTH, so go check in on your Black Rose friends because they’ve just been emotionally wrecked by his incredible music!

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During the Twitch Livestream he held to celebrate MOTH’s release, WOOSUNG revealed where the inspiration for MOTH came from. He said inspiration struck as he stood in front of a convenience store and witnessed a huge moth land on a sign. As the light shone through the moth’s wings, he noticed its beautiful patterns…

And what that got me to think was: First, it was ‘Wow moths, they really have a beautiful beautiful print,’ Second thing was, ‘Then why do moths and butterflies have such a different perception?’ Butterflies, they fly in the daytime, people think they’re beautiful…but as far as moths, they are nocturnal, people think they’re disgusting. So then I started thinking, I was like wait, maybe some of us just need a little bit of light to shine on us to show our true beauty. That’s what this album is about.


Listen to WOOSUNG share even more behind-the-scenes tidbits including how he sees colors for each song! Not only is that insanely cool, but it also makes us wonder what on earth can’t he do? (Hint: Nothing, there’s literally nothing.)

Like a moth evolving and becoming even greater with each phase it enters, WOOSUNG elevates his artistry with every project he releases. Stream MOTH on the streaming platform you love most right here and continue reading for our breakdown of each of his four tracks below! 

‘ComE dOWn’

“Don’t leave me here alone to drown
Floating around like fireflies
Slowly sinking into my thoughts”

One of the first tracks written for MOTH, the intro to his EP starts off with a low tempo and his voice as soft as a whisper echoing the first verse. It has the effect of making us feel like we’re entering a dreamlike state and perfectly sets the tone for the other tracks.

‘Side Effects (Feat. SATICA)’

“Okay, alright
I know I’m not perfect but just stay the night
Flyin’ like a moth, so drawn into the light”

WOOSUNG’s voice is hypnotic on this sweet track with a chilled-out and addictive beat. SATICA compliments this song with her verse and the two bring fans a beautifully arranged track that will be impossible to get out of their heads. 

‘Phase Me’

​​”It don’t phase me
The thought of you out getting wasted
Calling someone else baby
I don’t need your love anymore”

His title track is haunting and upbeat with a dancey chorus. During his Twitch Livestream, WOOSUNG said that it was titled ‘Phase Me’ for a few reasons and one of them was to describe the phases of a moth. In the music video, we see WOOSUNG go through his own different phases until his moth wings appear. What we’re witnessing is the evolution of the iconic artist Kim WOOSUNG. 

‘Modern Life’

“Everybody seems so happy
Why do they seem so damn happy here?
When I don’t, all alo-o-one”

Okay, this one is for all the 2000s pop-punk, alt-rock fans. WOOSUNG absorbs that angsty energy and channels it all into this anthem of a track that will have you shouting the chorus, “F*** this modern life!”, back to him if you’re lucky enough to see him live on his upcoming tour. According to WOOSUNG, this is his favorite and his mom’s favorite track! 

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Get excited, Black Roses, WOOSUNG is going on tour and his first stop is coming up soon! Most dates are sold out so be sure to check if there are tickets for a stop near you. 


As an intro to the celebratory Twitch Livestream, WOOSUNG played a preview of the setlist for his upcoming tour and we got even more stoked! He will be incorporating the four tracks from MOTH as well but this is the setlist as it stands: ‘Face,’ ‘Lazy,’ ‘Dimples,’ ‘Red,’ ‘I.L.Y.,’ ‘ILYSB’ by LANY, ‘Lonely,’ and ‘Island.’

Will we survive his setlist? Who knows, we may faint in the middle but we’re so ready to see him kill it on stage!

MOTH is a different side of WOOSUNG and one that we’re excited to see him explore further. We didn’t know a four-track EP could take over our lives this much, but here we are, with MOTH on constant repeat and sharing it with everyone we know. Black Rose, you should be very very proud, you’ve stanned one of the best and most innovative vocalists of our time: The one and only WOOSUNG. 

Black Rose, which MOTH song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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