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 Our 6 Favorite Role Model Songs

 Our 6 Favorite Role Model Songs

The world was first introduced to Role Model in the Winter of 2017 and in the almost five years since then, he has continued to release bop after bop. With the release of his first full-length album, Rx, and his newest tour, Role Model has had an extremely successful year so far and we at THP have loved watching him grow as an artist. So, in celebration of his success, here are six of our favorite Role Model songs!

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Before we get into the songs, we would like to mention that it was incredibly difficult trying to pick just five songs from Role Model’s discography. He obviously has zero bad songs in his discography (we almost kinda he had some skips to make it easier to pick just six!) So, we feel it’s only appropriate to give honorable mentions to ‘forever&more’ and ’for the people in the back.’ We absolutely love these songs but if we put every song of Role Model’s on this list then we’d be here all day, wouldn’t we?

Now, onto the actual list!


Of course, we had to kick this list off with one of Role Model’s newest singles, ’neverletyougo.’ Released on March 25th, ’neverletyougo’ has both a more chilled vibe and some of the sweetest love song lyrics that we’ve ever heard. The video also features a cameo from Role Model’s actual girlfriend, Emma Chamberlain, and it truly makes us at THP want what they have.


‘hello!’ was the lead single on Role Model’s oh, how perfect EP, released in late 2019. Despite having quite sad lyrics, the song has a very cheerful sound, making it a certified “Sad Bop.” This song was also the perfect choice for a lead single as we feel as though it really encapsulates the vibe of the whole oh, how perfect EP and makes for a really great listen.

‘notice me (acoustic version)’

Now, don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love the original version of ’notice me.’ Everything about it is perfect; from the actual music itself to the Benee feature, it’s a flawless song. However, there is something about the acoustic version. It just hits different and we can’t quite figure out why. Maybe it’s the fact that a more stripped-back vibe really suits the song, maybe it’s the stunning video of Role Model that we got alongside the track. Who knows?

‘if jesus saves, she’s my type’

This 👏🏻 Song 👏🏻 Is 👏🏻 Everything 👏🏻

‘if jesus saves, she’s my type’ was the second single to be released from Rx and we have been absolutely obsessed with it. First of all, we have to talk about how much we love the music video. The video shows Role Model dancing around a church and it perfectly captures the mood of the song. ‘if jesus saves, she’s my type’ has a super fun upbeat vibe and will definitely be perfect for the Summertime, featuring even more very sweet lyrics from Role Model. Honestly, it’s like he’s trying to make us jealous.


This is another really fun upbeat song from Role Model that we simply can’t get enough of. ’blind’ was released as a single from the our little angel EP in 2021 and features some of our favorite Role Model vocals. It is also quite possibly one of Role Model’s catchiest songs. No, seriously, we haven’t been able to stop singing the chorus since it was released. Send help.

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‘death wish’

‘death wish’ feels like a bit of a departure from Role Model’s more recent sound, but oh my god it’s so good. Featuring haunting backing vocals, the whole song has a bit of a creepier vibe that we really enjoyed hearing from Role Model. Like, he really is the only artist that could pull off such a creepy-sounding love song and make it work. However, as much as we love Role Model, the fact that this song isn’t on the Rx Tour setlist will be our villain origin story.

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What are your favorite Role Model songs? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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