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See What’s New Coming To Disney+ This Summer And Beyond!

See What’s New Coming To Disney+ This Summer And Beyond!

Wondering what to watch for the upcoming summer season, or even for the rest of the year? Don’t worry because Disney+ has got you covered! Get ready to sit back, relax, and binge these new shows and movies coming to the platform very soon.


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Sports fans, it’s time to celebrate because Disney+ has presented you with Rise, the extraordinary real-life story of the Antetokounmpos brothers — Giannis, Thanasis, and Kostas — the first trio of bros to become NBA Champions. After their family emigrated from Nigeria to Greece, the brothers discover their talent on the basketball court, which soon propels them into becoming professional basketball players, which, as you can imagine, changes their and their family’s lives soon after. 

The film is an amazing example of overcoming adversity and going after your dreams, something honestly not just sports fans can relate to, but everyone! With that being said, we can’t wait for this one to drop on Disney+ soon!

Release Date: Streaming June 24

Trevor: The Musical
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Disney+ also has something for the musical lovers too! The filmed version of the Off-Broadway stage production Trevor: The Musical will be hitting the streaming platform this summer, just in time for pride month. The musical is actually based on the 1995 Academy Award-winning film of a similar name, Trevor, which also inspired The Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing mental health assistance for LGBTQ young people. The more you know!

Well, what about the musical, you ask? Right, well, the musical follows 13-year-old Trevor, who, after going through an embarrassing incident at school, must rise above and gather enough courage to march to the beat of his own drum. We’ll be rooting for Trevor through his journey, and we’re sure you’ll be too once you see the release of the musical!

Release Date: Streaming June 24

The Pocketwatch
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The world of Descendants is getting bigger with this new spellbinding tale of a movie! The Pocketwatch (a working title at the moment) brings in new characters, Red, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, and Chloe, the daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming from, well, Cinderella! In this story, to prevent a forthcoming coup in Auradon during the celebration of the new royal baby, Red and Chloe must team up and go back in time so they can avert an event that’ll lead to big consequences! An interesting set-up considering Red is more rebellious while Chloe is more of a perfectionist, so they’re bound to butt heads sometime in the movie.

It’s nice to know that Auradon and possibly the Isle of the Lost will be revisited along with the introduction to the magical world of Wonderland. Plus, seven new songs will be added to the film, which means that’s seven more songs to sing along to, yay!

Released Date: TBA, so keep your eyes peeled!


Family Reboot
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family that bonds together, stays together! And that’s exactly what this new series is about. Family Reboot follows real families as they take a week-long journey to reconnect with one another. No social media or business projects here. Only jam-packed fun, games, and activities for these families are all hosted by no other than their Family Reboot guide. The series will have a total of six episodes, each focusing on six different families: the Hernandezes, the Wilsondebrianoses, the Sherr-Garcias’, the Bakers, the Marins, and the Strongs.

Family Reboot sounds like a wholesome show to watch, especially if you also want to get in on the bonding and view it with your whole family too!

Release Date: Streaming June 15

Los Montaner

Learn all about the Montaner family in this documentary series! Ricardo Montaner has made a big name for himself, being one of the most well-known musicians in Latin music for the past 40 years. With hits like ‘Tan Enamorados’ and ‘Me Va a Extrañar,’ we can definitely see why.

The series will follow Ricardo and his family, giving the audience a look at how the Montaners deal with their day-to-day lives, from their careers to life challenges and triumphs! Naturally, this means viewers will also get a peek at some live music performances as well as some confessional interviews, videos, and pictures — making getting to know the family on a much more personal level

Released Date: TBA but sometime later this year!

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Bonus: BUNK’D Sixth Season on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW

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Image Source: Disney/Nelson Machin

Okay, okay, while this isn’t technically on Disney+, BUNK’D is still a Disney show, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you the news! Lou, Parker, Destiny, and Noah are back for some more wacky adventures at Camp Kikiwaka in this spin-off show based on Disney Channel’s Jessie (which is available on Disney+ here). Not only that but there will also be some newcomers to the camp.

The sixth season, titled BUNK’D: Learning the Ropes, will have 30 episodes in total and will begin with Lou, Parker, Destiny, and Noah’s arrival at the eventually proclaimed Kikiwaka Ranch in Wyoming. It gets pretty wild this season, y’all, and you don’t want to miss all the new shenanigans these characters get into. So remember to catch it over on Disney Channel or DisneyNOW!

Released Date: June 10 at 7:30 PM EDT/PDT 


And, that’s the round-up of what’s new coming to Disney+ (and Disney Channel) in the upcoming months! See anything you’re excited to be released? BUNK’D? Trevor: The Musical? Or how about Rise? Well, let us know in the comments; we’re down to chat with you about it! You can also find us over at our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if that’s more your style!

And for more things to watch, be sure to check it out over here!


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