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ASTRO Takes Us On A Drive To The Starry Road

ASTRO Takes Us On A Drive To The Starry Road

In the last few months, we’ve seen many different sides of ASTRO with solo projects and sub-units, and as much as we love that – they’re finally back as six with their third full-length album: Drive to the Starry Road. This album embodies the best of ASTRO with a new fresh sound and 6 solo tracks. ‘Candy Pop Sugar’ and Drive to the Starry Road are everything we love from ASTRO and so much more. They’ve done it again – another incredible, mind-blowing album.

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‘Candy Sugar Pop’

ASTRO are back with what they excel at: a fun, bright and quirky pop song. And as we welcome the warmer weather, ‘Candy Super Pop’ is the perfect song for a summer night. Its retro, feel-good vibe is everything and no one can pull this type of concept like them. It screams ASTRO in every single way. And the outro is such a booster that this song could be on loop forever.

The music video might be one of their best to date, full of bright, neon lights and dream settings. The visuals overall are absolutely incredible and make the song all the more fun and enjoyable. This is truly ASTRO at its best – and we didn’t think it could get any better before.

Drive To The Starry Road

A full-length album also means a variety of new b-sides, and ASTRO did not disappoint with Drive to the Starry Road. It is worth noting that most members had some involvement in the creation of these songs and they really gave us the best of the best.

‘Something Something’ and ‘More’ are two fun songs that have incredibly addictive basslines and complement the title track so well. While ‘Something Something’ is a feel-good love song, ‘More’ has more of an obscure side to it. ‘Light the Sky’ is, however, a sweet pop song about finding light and hope in someone else. It is a beautiful and hopeful song.

While these songs are followed by all the solo songs, Drive to the Starry Road‘s closure song is OT6. ‘Like Stars’ is an amazing heartfelt pop song that feels incredibly personal to them. It feels somehow bittersweet and nostalgic, yet full of hope. And it’s the perfect ending to such a great album. 

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The Solo Songs

The beauty of this album is also that each member has a solo song, and we’re here for it. Each song highlights their individuality and talents, and while we love and treasure our OT6 songs, the solos are just as incredible.

MJ gave us ‘Story,’ a beautifully heartbreaking song. The beginning of it is so simple, with its acoustic guitar and his vocals to carry all the emotions. And it builds into this very bittersweet song about being grateful for a story that is for now over.

JinJin’s song on the other hand is ‘All Day,’ a very fun song that has his name written all over it. It has similar vibes to ‘Lazy,’ which was released in his sub-unit EP with Rocky earlier this year, yet the lyrics are completely opposite.

Image Source: Fantagio Music

Rocky showed us the power of his vocals when he did a sub-unit with Jinjin, and he keeps proving himself. In his song, he shows impressive vocals and amazing rap skills. ‘S#1’ is an upbeat pop song with quite sad lyrics that create a conversation and story.

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Eunwoo’s and Sanha’s songs are both sweet pop songs that highlight their vocals beautifully. Whoever, while Eunwoo’s ‘First Love’ is more inspired by jazz and even has a guitar solo in the bridge, Sanha‘s ’24 Hours’ is a stripped-down ballad. Meanwhile, Moonbin gave a much more R&B-inspired song with ‘Let’s go ride,’ and the vibes are immaculate.

You can tell ASTRO poured their heart and soul into this whole entire album – and it was worth it. This album is truly everything that we needed and love about ASTRO: good vibes, fun, bright songs, amazing vocals, and all the best of pop music.

Is this your favorite ASTRO comeback? What’s your favorite song in Drive to the Starry Road? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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