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Max Frost Ushers In New Era With His EP Flying Machines

Max Frost Ushers In New Era With His EP Flying Machines

May has brought us so much new music to indulge in, from Kendrick Lamar to Bad Bunny to State Champs. Our playlists just keep growing, and we’re not complaining! Here at THP, we are so excited to be getting new music from another one of our favorites, Max Frost. If you haven’t heard of him, no worries; we got you covered!

Frost’s latest release, Flying Machines, is a departure from his previous music and takes inspiration from psychedelic rock. In addition, The Texas native takes inspiration from his early interactions with music and how it ignited his dreams to be a musician.

“Even before I could play music, it was something that activated my dreams. I was drawn to it, and it became my life as I grew up… My music has been like a little airplane I’ve been trying to build in my backyard…But the part of me that’s always remained dedicated to chasing it is the true me, the child in me that’s somehow survived life. This EP is for him.”

Frost on Flying Machines

In honor of Flying Machines’ release, let’s break down the EP’s songs!

‘Head In the Clouds’

To be honest, we’ve played this song over 1,000 times since the EP dropped. Like it’s just that addicting. ‘Head In the Clouds’ is the perfect track to open Flying Machines. The track’s psychedelic, indie-rock vibes set the tone for what to expect from the EP. ‘Head In the Clouds’ talks about the narrator’s frustration with their partner, who spends most of their time daydreaming instead of living in the moment.

‘Cool Kids’

The next song on the EP keeps the vibes going with a synth-pop and rock-infused track. ‘Cool Kids’ is the perfect song for the long summer nights ahead. The track is all about sneaking out in high school to hang out with the “cool kids” and the fear of the future and possibly making bad decisions. Frost’s raspy vocals in ‘Cool Kids’ bring together a pop-rock anthem, and we can’t get enough!


One thing about Max Frost is that he only makes bops, and ‘Virgin’ is undoubtedly on that long list. The third track from Flying Machine carries an infectious bass melody, bringing tremendous energy to the song. ‘Virgin’ shows Frost having a conversation about unconventional past ways and points out how his new love brings out a new side of him. Throughout the song, Frost compliments, and praises how he feels brand new whenever he interacts with this new love.

‘Ringo Starr’

This next track screams psychedelic rock realism and is an absolute knockout on this EP. From the 80s synth beat used in the intro to the funky bass heard throughout the song encapsulate the vibes Frost was aiming at when creating Flying Machines. One thing for sure, we definitely think Ringo Starr would love this song as much as we do (and that’s a lot of love)!

‘Changing Shape’

The fifth song on Flying Machines feels like something you’d hear in an 80s nightclub—we mean this in the best way possible. The retro feel of ‘Changing Shape’ adds a special touch to Frost’s musicality and demonstrates that the artist is not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to creating. ‘Changing Shape’ gives Frost time to reflect on a previous relationship and compare his post-break-up life to the person he’s evolved into.

‘Walking On The Stars’

The last song on the EP is ‘Walking On The Stars’ and is the most laid-back track on Flying Machines. The track starts with a slow guitar melody before evolving into an uplifting tune. ‘Walking On The Stars’ is all about chasing dreams and not wanting to give up on dreaming. The song closes out the EP by reminding listeners never to lose the drive to pursue their dreams.

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Flying Machines has been playing on repeat here at THP, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do! Max Frost really knocked it out of the park, and we are so happy that he released the EP just in time for summer.

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