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The Meaning Behind Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘twin flame’ And His Billboard Music Awards Performance

The Meaning Behind Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘twin flame’ And His Billboard Music Awards Performance

Machine Gun Kelly took to the Billboard Music Awards stage for one of the rawest, most intimate performances he’s ever given us, opting to sing the vulnerable ‘twin flame’ instead of a popular single like ‘emo girl’ or ‘papercuts.’ The song has long been revered as an adorable tribute to Megan Fox, but it seems it has a deeper meaning that not everyone has caught on to.

Content Warning: Mentions of miscarriage.

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‘twin flame’ has been a fan favorite since mainstream sellout dropped back in March, and for good reason. It’s full of detail-packed lyrics that really bring the story of Megson to life, whether you’ve followed along with their relationship or whether it’s all news to you. And not to mention how the changes in the instrumentation show off MGK’s talent!

Kells started writing ‘twin flame’ on May 15th, 2020, exactly two years before his BBMA performance and the day before Megan’s birthday. It starts off as an acoustic-driven ballad about his insecurities when it comes to love, as well as his fears of dragging Megan into a dangerous world due to his mental health and lifestyle.

The second part of the song kicks off as a lullaby before shifting into a high-octane guitar riff that captures the frustration hidden in the lyrics. With the romantic themes of the first half in mind, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that “go to sleep, I’ll see you in my dreams” is about that cute I’m-gonna-dream-about-you-every-night phase of falling for someone, while “this changes everything, now I have to set you free” hints at a time where he thought letting Megan go would be the best option to keep her safe. 

But between the heartbeat that fades throughout the interlude to the sudden seriousness in Colson’s voice, it’s clear there’s a heavier meaning at hand. He revealed in the zine that came out alongside mainstream sellout, that the second half of the song draws from one of the hardest experiences he and Megan have had to face together, and our hearts were breaking for them from the second we saw this page.

Image Source: Mainstream Sellout Zine, via @sadlately on Twitter

During the mellow interlude, he opened up to the world about what they went through, sharing “this is for our unborn child.”  Kells seemed to turn his BBMAs performance into the ultimate tribute to both his love for Megan and their love for the baby they lost. The set design draws from his 2020 track ‘banyan tree,’ a song that traces his love story with Megan, and the rainbow lights really gave it an ethereal feel. While neither has officially shared the meaning behind ‘twin flame’ or what they faced, fans across the world, including us here at THP HQ, are outpouring our love and support to Kells and Megan.

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When you watch this performance, make sure you have tissues ready. We really believe this might be MGK’s best performance to date, thanks to how vulnerable he was on stage and how well he conveyed the emotion of the song. We love that Kells is never afraid to put his heart out for us and speak his truth no matter how people may react!

What do you think of ‘twin flame’ and Machine Gun Kelly’s Billboard Music Awards performance? Did you cry as hard as we did? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more MGK content, click here


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