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5 Songs We Love From Becky G’s New Album, ESQUEMAS

5 Songs We Love From Becky G’s New Album, ESQUEMAS

Guess who’s back with a new album?! That’s right, it’s the beautiful, talented queen known as Becky G! Or should we say “Becky from the Block?”

After much anticipation, Becky G is back with a new album, ESQUEMAS, which contains 14 amazing songs that DID NOT disappoint. Whether you know her as the founder of Treslúce Beauty, the yellow Power Ranger, or the guest star who performed ‘Can’t Stop Dancin’’ on the Disney show Austin and Ally, brace yourself because she’s also an incredible singer with a voice that is suitable for any genre. Have you heard her voice in the songs ‘Pienso en Ti’ and ‘Por Un Amor/Cucurrucucú Paloma?’ If you haven’t, head over to Spotify now so you have an idea of how beautiful her voice is because without further ado, here are five songs we love from Becky G’s phenomenal album, ESQUEMAS

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Starting off strong from Esquemas, Becky G is delivering a song that describes the bitter-sweet feeling of reliving the memories you formed with your ex but not necessarily wanting to get back together with them. 

‘BAILÉ CON MI EX’ is a mid-tempo song that you can dance to but also cry to when thinking of the nostalgia of your past relationships. Very specific, we know, but it is our job to call you guys out, and vice versa! For those of you who love singing your hearts out, this is the perfect song to do so (even if you can’t relate to it)! We don’t know about you, but we think this would be the PERFECT song for a movie, and Becky G’s music video for this song proves our point. 


Up next we have ‘NO MIENTEN.’ Compared to the rest of Becky G’s songs, this one, in particular, is different from her usual style, and we are here for it! We can already see this song playing at every party because of its captivating rhythm. 

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the instrumentals at the beginning?! As soon as we heard them we opened our Spotify and added this track to our playlist, and we know you probably did the same because why wouldn’t you? And the production is *chef’s kiss*.


Don’t judge us, but we have a confession to make… When we first heard this song, we smiled so much and almost teared up. We know you did too, so don’t act like you didn’t! 

‘DOLORES’ is a light-hearted song with a sweet melody that really touches one’s heart. Remember how we said that Becky has a BEAUTIFUL voice? Well, this song further proves that. The tranquil tone she uses to sing this gem made us feel at peace, and don’t even get us started on the lyrics! Imagine you’re going through a tough time and a loved one tells you “Yo sé que eres diferente, Pero yo te amo así.” This song is the embodiment of love and healing. 

So, to all of the Doloreses out there, we hope you felt comforted and seen with this masterpiece because we sure did. And finally, we hope that those heart wounds heal because “tienes todos los colores.” (“you have all the colors.”)


Alright, we don’t know why, but this song instantly reminded us of a vintage film, like the ones they used to make in black and white. Do you see it too, or is it just us? Anyways, once again, ‘FLASHBACK’ is another song that is different from Becky G’s usual music style, but we absolutely love it! The vibe of the song has such a feel-good rhythm to it that instantly makes us want to snap our fingers to the beat. 

Also, given that part of the lyrics are “Vivo en un flashback,” do you know what else this song reminds us of? It reminds us of the kind of song where you’re by yourself deep in thought, and all of a sudden, you recall your younger days when you had your first love. Or is this too specific? Anyway, you get the idea.


You didn’t think we’d leave out this hit, did you? What better way to kick off your hot girl summer than by streaming ‘MAMIII?’

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‘MAMIII’ is a major energy booster for everyone out there who has been through a tough breakup, so we had to add it to the list. Not only that, but the lyrics would make good Instagram captions! We don’t know about you, but we would probably use “Ya no miro pa’trás ni pa’ parquearme,” (“I don’t look back anymore, not even to park”), because what’s the only thing you can do after a breakup? Yep, move on and not look back! So, to all the Beasters out there who can relate to this song, make sure you take some time to heal so you can fully enjoy your hot girl summer, whatever that may mean for you – whether it’s painting, hanging out with friends, or staying home and reading a good book. 

Bueno Beasters, unfortunately, we have reached the end of this album review. Trust us, if we could review all the songs on the masterpiece that is ESQUEMAS we would! We love Becky G! In the meantime, go stream her incredible album because every song deserves to be a hit on the charts! 

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of Becky G’s ESQUEMAS and tweet us your favorite songs at @thehoneypop! Make sure to also give us a follow on Instagram for more content on your favorite artists. 

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Image Source: TENOR


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