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Harry Styles’ Apple Music 1 Interview With Zane Lowe Recaps His Career Thus Far

Harry Styles’ Apple Music 1 Interview With Zane Lowe Recaps His Career Thus Far

Harry Styles’s discography (that nifty thing jammed into our mobile phones upon hitting our play button) has a lengthy history. Before the stripe-adorned Harry resting on top of a giant inflatable ball, there was the electric indie rock splice who live debuted, ‘As It Was’ at Coachella. Before that, Fine Line, before that his self titled, Harry Styles, and even before that, FOUR (Deluxe) by One Direction, released on the verge of their hiatus (which we will not discuss for…. now). 

It seems that our former bakery boy has been around for a while. Zane Lowe notes so too, while on the coast of California to rehash Harry’s career for Apple Music 1 as he gears up for the release of Harry’s House, his third solo album. The chat lasted for just over an hour, diving into topics such as success vs. visibility and how the pandemic momentarily swiped the musician’s card from his name to fall onto being a brother, son, etc. It also taught us when sorting the narrative structure of his career one can look for a then, somewhat of a now, and an upcoming.

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So, maybe, and this is a scary thought, there are generation z Harries who can’t hear a cowbell and immediately associate it with the original rendition of ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’ Rather being the earworm they heard on one of his tours, only to discover there wasn’t a studio version featuring just his vocals.

Harry, however, still intertwines the 1D machine into his solo stuff, having told Zane Lowe, “I think there is very much a respect between all of us, if we did something together. And that is something that you can’t really undo.” One Direction didn’t only release four studio albums, win Billboard’s Artist of the Year in 2014, but also round their teen-selves up to board a tour bus that eventually hit international soils, selling out several big-time stadiums such as Madison Square Garden, a vastly different experience as Harry found himself without his band members on Harry Styles: Love on Tour.

It felt like the band was this thing that kind of hovered above all of us and we each played a part in that, but it was all the sum of its parts. And it’s hard to say that it means more because, I guess personally, obviously there’s something to it that is so unbelievably touching, something about maybe you can fluke it once or maybe something. And I think when I did the first tour and the crowd was there, I just kind of felt like, “Holy (censored). This is…” I don’t know, it made me feel so liberated.

Harry said to Lowe. 

Somewhat of a Now…

“And my favorite thing about this album [‘Harry’s House’] is while it’s so different, I think it was very much made with the same intent as ‘Fine Line’…I think it just felt like from the first album, I think it wasn’t necessarily a super commercial album,” Harry told Lowe. In between showing off his pastel nail set that matches with an oversized sweater embroidered with the silhouette of a house, he spends a portion of the interview discussing other artists who stay within the mixing track of their previous work, inevitably not believing in what they’re singing about as they’ve grown as people since then.

“Obviously with the knowledge that if my favorite artist, if I went to a show and felt like, “okay, they’ve stopped doing what they want to do,” then it’s not fun, it’s not exciting watching someone fake it,” he said. Moreover, with the secret ushering in of new tracks during Love on Tour, where he clicked Dorothy’s red ruby slippers three times during the infamously maddening Harryween to symbolize home (and here we were writing up 280 word tweets about how he should’ve served as Britney Spears), he found freedom in knowing he could venture out.  


Somehow we’ve stepped into a reality where a whole range of new music from Harry is only a few short days away, so short that its countdown can launch using only one hand. Thus far, we’ve heard three tracks from Harry’s House: ‘As It Was’, and YouTube finds ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Late Night Talking,’ as well as reading some truly uncensored lyrics that catch onto his mature persona voiced during the interview. He actually attributes the acceptance of relaxing into himself to Billie Eilish.

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“It felt like, came in in a way that was like, “Don’t worry about being this thing ever,” because she’s a lot younger than me and there’s no point in me going like, “Okay, how do I get back in? How do I get back to. She totally broke the spell for me in a way that I’m very grateful for that,” Harry said to Lowe. With that also comes more grown-up themes, of course, spelling to the X-rated vocabulary we’ve noted, but also whipping out the therapy notepad to trace the hallways of our memories and how each of them has built ourselves, no matter if the floor is currently shaky. Harry told Zane Lowe:

When I took that title, put it to the songs we were making, it felt like it took on this whole new meaning and it was about, imagine it’s a day in my house. What do I go through? A day in my mind, what do I go through in my house? I’m playing fun music. I’m playing sad music. I’m playing this, I’m playing that. Feeling stuff. Kind of like a day in the life.

It’s a no-brainer that we’re excited for Harry’s House, and as Twitter user @pleasinghrry described, “idk how to explain this but harry’s zane lowe interview felt exactly how holding your boobs for comfort feels like,” this picturesque interview certainly helped ease our Harry-adrenaline. You can watch the interview below as well as on Harry’s YouTube channel and Harry’s House comes out on May 20. Is there something in particular that he said that you thought was really thoughtful? Let us know by using our Twitter handle, @thehoneypop.


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