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Get To Know Indie-Pop Band Arlie With These 4 Tracks

Get To Know Indie-Pop Band Arlie With These 4 Tracks

Need a new artist to spice up your playlist? Look no further than Nashville’s very own, Arlie. Arlie is the incredible project of singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Banks, and has been making waves in the indie music scene since 2018 with their incredible EP, Wait.

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And after we waited during a small break, the Nashville natives are back and better than ever! We’re so excited to share that the indie-pop band is getting ready to release their debut album, Break the Curse, slated for June 3. And to make things even more exciting, Arlie are heading out on tour this summer, kicking things off in their hometown on June 16.

To celebrate Arlie’s forthcoming debut album and summer tour, here are four songs to get to know the Nashville indie-pop band.


Kicking things off is none other than ‘landline.’ The latest single from the band gives another sneak peek at their forthcoming debut album. The funky bass rhythm and pop melodies showcase the band’s playful side. Lyrically, it takes inspiration from vocalist Nathaniel Banks’ journey over the past two years. The title references breaking societal, generational, and cultural traumas. Meanwhile, the music video mirrors the track’s upbeat tempo with a classic foot chase starring Banks.

‘crashing down’

A favorite here at THP is ‘crashing down.’ The soft-rock-inspired track will be featured alongside ‘landline’ on Arlie’s debut album. ‘Crashing Down’ feels like a song you would hear in an early 2000s rom-com — specifically 10 Things I Hate About You — the vibes are just right. The track talks about the feeling when everything in your life starts crashing down and all the emotions that come with it.

‘didya think’

This next track is from the band’s 2018 EP Wait, and it’s a must-listen. ‘didya think’ is a classic rock-inspired tune with a modern twist that is too good not to love. The track serves as a call for listeners to have courage and embrace a hardworking attitude. But at the same time, the track is also dismissive of the critique directed towards people who are “lazy” and gives a hopeful message about following your dreams and aspirations.

‘big fat mouth’

The last track on our list is another favorite here at THP. ‘big fat mouth’ is the textbook definition of an indie-pop banger, from the mellow instrumentals to the catchy chorus. Everything about this track is just perfect. The song talks about being tired of having conversations about how your life can be better rather than just living in the moment. ‘big fat mouth’ is a track that anyone can relate to, and we can’t get enough of it!

June 3 needs to come sooner! We can’t wait for Break the Curse to drop, and until then, we’ll be streaming ‘landline’ and the rest of Arlie’s discography. And you should too!

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