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Oneus Plays The Trickster In Latest Comeback

Oneus Plays The Trickster In Latest Comeback

After six short months, Oneus is back again with their seventh EP Trickster! This mini-album features seven addictive tracks, with ‘Bring It On’ as the lead single. Trickster comes as Oneus’ first comeback this year, after the group finished their North American tour in March.

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We at THP always love Oneus’ comeback concepts, and Trickster is no exception! This mini-album has no bad songs, and we’re here to rave about it! Here are four things we love about Oneus’ new EP!

Oneus Trickster concept photo
Left to right: Hwanwoong, Seoho, Xion, Leedo, Keonhee, Ravn (Image Source: RBW Entertainment)

The Intro

As we all know, Oneus’ album intros have historically slapped. What we don’t know is what Oneus puts into these songs that make them so addicting. The dark, rock-and-roll intro ‘Who Got The Joker’ plays with the idea of life being like a game of cards, and we’re hooked on this concept! The intro deserves a full version ASAP. Please. We’re currently breaking the replay button.

The Title Track

‘Bring It On’ is such a powerful banger in both Korean and English that we can clearly see why it became the title track of this mini-album. Oneus isn’t scared of a challenge and dares the world to bring it on. This group seriously has some of the best dance breaks that we’ve seen in K-Pop! We also need to take a moment to appreciate Seoho’s rap verse and Hwanwoong’s vocals. It’s hard to deny Oneus’ talent when the vocalists and rappers alternate singing and rapping effortlessly.


Switching gears from the bangers of Trickster, we have ‘Fragile.’ This song has these wholesome, feel-good vibes that are a staple to every Oneus release! Oneus sings about falling in love, yet hesitating to confess. They want to know how their crush feels because the two of them have fragile hearts. ‘Fragile’ is the type of song you’d listen to on a peaceful afternoon, when time seems to slow down just a little.

‘Mr. Wolf’

Lastly, we have to talk about another incredible B-side track from Trickster. Oneus puts a spin on the classic party game and turns up the heat in ‘Mr. Wolf.’ The hard-hitting instrumentals and especially the beat drops are our favorite parts of the song. This comeback is Oneus’ villain era, which may be one of their best eras yet. And we aren’t complaining one bit.

Like we said, Oneus’ latest mini-album has no skips, and we haven’t even covered all of their new songs. If you still don’t believe us, give it a listen for yourself! Here’s to hoping they get more wins with Trickster!

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Oneus Trickster concept photo
Image Source: RBW Entertainment

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