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Our Favorite Tracks From Florence + The Machine’s Dance Fever

Our Favorite Tracks From Florence + The Machine’s Dance Fever

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Our sweet bees, you are in for a treat because not only did we get Dance Fever, but we also got the deluxe version! In the regular album, we have 14 different tracks, but in the deluxe, we get four acoustic versions and a freebie of Florence + The Machine’s version of ‘Search And Destroy!’ 

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You may be wondering what we did to deserve this much great music? What did we do to deserve not only great instrumentals and vocals but lyrics as well? We’re thinking the exact same thing. We fell so in love with tracks in this album, there were so many good ones. But, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have our favorites, and because we’ve had time to sit and process them, it made the decision easier. So, Honey Poppers, here are our favorite tracks from Dance Fever!


‘King’ will always be THAT track! Not just because it’s the leading track, but because it encompasses identity and how Florence carries herself as a woman in the industry. The breakdown part in the track as well as in the MV is also what gets us every time. Listen to the track and try to tell us that Florence didn’t put her all into those vocals.


The way she is able to put into words how it is to live with mental illness is why ‘Free’ made it on our list. That opening line pulled us in and kept us engaged throughout the whole track. We also love how upbeat the backtrack sounds compared to the lyrics, which is what F+TM is always so good at doing.


‘Daffodil’ has to be in our top two favorite tracks on the album. The vibrato she puts into her voice in this track gives us chills every time we listen to it. Plus, the part where she imitates how the birds sing, is music to our ears. Most of the tracks on Dance Fever are about rebirth or identity, so ‘Daffodil’ fits right in as they represent rebirth.

‘My Love’

The build-up of ‘My Love’ with the long opening vocals, had us freeze in our tracks. We don’t even know what to say. It’s as if the heavenly gates opened up just for us, as Florence slowly pulls us in. We couldn’t help but keep hitting repeating just to hear it. ‘My Love’ is also a favorite of ours because we can relate to the theme of having writer’s block. Been there, done that.


We are suckers for mythological-based tracks, and we fell for ‘Cassandra.’ The actual greek mythology story of Cassandra fits right into the album’s theme. She was cursed with always telling true prophecies, but no one would believe her. The track tells Florence and Cassandra’s story perfectly. It is our favorite track on the album, no doubt.

Image Source: @florencemachine on Twitter

We love albums that are filled with storytelling, and every track on Florence + The Machine’s, Dance Fever is pure storytelling gold. We have fallen for Florence so many times, and this album just pulled us in even further. If you haven’t, be sure to stream Dance Fever (Deluxe), here!

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What was your favorite track from Dance Fever?  Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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