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‘Harry’s House:’ An Album, A Home, A Lifestyle, An Emporium.

‘Harry’s House:’ An Album, A Home, A Lifestyle, An Emporium.

Harry Styles’ sophomore album Fine Line came out in December 2019 and in the time since then he has really kept us fed with content; from his sold out Love on Tour shows in the US to launching his brand Pleasing, and performing at Coachella, Harry has really kept us entertained. But the one thing he did not give us in that time was a new album and we were really suffering in the drought of no new Harry music. However, look no further Harries, the wait is finally over with the release of Harry’s third album, Harry’s House. *screams*

This is one of our most highly anticipated albums of the year and, needless to say, the fruit man definitely did not disappoint. So, in the influx of new Harry content, we’re here to give you the rundown on all the important information you need to know as we enter this new era of Harry Styles. Welcome…. to Harry’s House.

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The Album

Of course, we need to start at the most important part of the new era: the critically acclaimed album, Harry’s House.

Harry released the album on May 20th and it was an instant smash hit. Within the first two hours of its release, the album actually managed to gain the most streams for a first-day release on Apple Music in 2022, breaking their previous record. Honestly, Harry’s impact never fails to impress us.

Prior to the release of Harry’s House, Harry also released the album’s lead single ‘As it Was’ at the end of March and it has been living in the THP team’s heads rent-free ever since. Including ‘As it Was,’ Harry’s House consists of thirteen tracks and we can officially say that there is not a single skip on the album. Even though we tried to claim certain songs before the album’s release, we couldn’t possibly choose a favorite song from the flawless tracklist Harry has blessed upon us.

From fun and funky bops like ‘Late Night Talking’ to softer and more emotional songs like ‘Matilda,’ Harry’s House truly gave us everything. It also, of course, wouldn’t be a Harry album without a fruit reference, and the song ‘Grapejuice’ ranks very highly amongst the rest of the fruit-salad he has created through his discography. The album has overall made us really excited to see what Harry decides to put in his upcoming tour setlist. In saying that, however, if he doesn’t include ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’ or ‘Satellite’ then it will seriously be our villain origin story.

Whilst keeping to the Harry Styles sound that we know and love, the album also very much feels like a fresh departure into a new style for Harry and draws on themes such as love, sex, and a wide range of relationships. In his recent interview with Zane Lowe, Harry described how he wanted the album to feel “kind of like a day in the life” and he most definitely accomplished that through the intimacy that is expressed throughout. Honestly, all we really have to say is a big thank you to Harry Styles for giving us the gift that is Harry’s House.

One Night Only on Apple Music

Now, as we’re sure you’re all aware, it was incredibly difficult to get tickets to Harry’s One Night Only shows. With all of the dates selling out extremely quickly and the resale prices skyrocketing, most of us, unfortunately, did not or will not be able to attend the One Night Only shows. However, Apple Music kindly graced us with a live stream of the One Night Only in New York show and we could not be more hyped.

The show was originally live-streamed to 167 countries on May 20th, as Harry performed his new album for the first time at the UBS Arena, and was the perfect opportunity for any fan wanting to celebrate the new album. Seriously, getting to see Harry from the comfort of your own home? Perfection! Thankfully, if you didn’t get to catch the live stream, you can catch the encore live stream on May 22nd at 9:00 a.m. PT and again on May 26th at 4:00 p.m. BST.

Harry’s House Pop-Ups

The final new and exciting thing this era has brought so far is the Harry’s House pop-up stores that have launched worldwide. The pop-up shops have landed in nine different locations around the world, including major cities such as London, Paris, Toronto, Berlin, and New York City. As well as having special live activations, the stores also carry a variety of different Harry Styles merchandise such as tote bags, zines, t-shirts, hoodies, and even a unique album box set that is specific to each city. They also have an exclusive Harry’s House orange vinyl that is only available while supplies last so make sure you get your hands on one fast!

There is also good news for any American Express Card members, as you can gain early access to the Harry’s House pop-up as well as a limited-edition sweatshirt at any of the locations. We’re not jealous, we swear. Get more info on the AmEx perks here!

The pop-ups will be in London, New York City, and L.A. from May 20th to May 26th, however at all other locations they’ll be there from May 20th to May 22nd so make sure you get over there quickly! Go!! You’re running out of time!

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So, what do you think of the new era of Harry Styles? What are your favorite songs from Harry’s House? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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